Canada to stay in Afghanistan in non-combat role -

Canada to stay in Afghanistan in non-combat role

Troops will train Afghans until 2014


On Remembrance Day, Canada’s military families have learned their sons and daughters may not be safe at home in 2011 as expected. Although Canada’s combat role in Afghanistan will end in 2011, Stephen Harper has confirmed Canadian soldiers will stay in the country until 2014 to train local soldiers. “I do this with some reluctance, but I think it is the best decision when one looks at the options,” Harper told reporters at a press conference before the opening of the G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea. “I don’t want to risk the gains that Canadian soldiers have fought for and they have sacrificed for in such significant numbers for by pulling out too early if we can avoid that.” He added that he believes there are “minimal risks” involved with this type of training mission. Both the U.S. and Britain have urged Canada to stay on in a combat role, but Harper has refused. “I’ve been very clear, that’s not an option Canada will consider,” the Prime Minister said.

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Canada to stay in Afghanistan in non-combat role

  1. thanks for tell Canadians for what they wanted to hear. You should also told Canadians you were lying you ass off.

  2. On Remembrance Day, Canada's military families have learned their sons and daughters may not be safe at home in 2011 as expected
    This is a sensational way of putting it. But what's the alternative? if we return to good old time peacekeeping, where our soldiers are no more engaged than Barney Fife, or a mall cop, the people we're suppose to protect won't be safe.

  3. If we can teach Afghan soldiers how to fire a gun before we pull out, that would be progress. However, we also have to teach Afghan soldiers and police not to take somebody by the ankles, turn him upside down, and shake him until all the change falls out of his pockets. It's easy to teach somebody to fire an AK-47, which seems to be everybody's automatic rifle of choice, except the US and Canada. Teaching people morals and ethics, let alone good manners, is another pair of sleeves.

    • you're an idiot Major Tom, if the Afghanistan people had a government they could trust, all this "training" wouldn't be necessary…the Afghan people would deal with the Taliban themselves.

  4. Liars! Liars! Liars!

    You are not King Steve, Mr. Harper. We have a Parlimentary Democracy in this country and irregardless of the gormless, vapid spinelessness of Mr. Ignatiev, this will be your downfall.

    Bring them home. As promised. No more wars, no more slaughter, no more lies.

    • so you would rather we just slapped an AK-47 into the hands of the afghan soldiers and said 'good luck'? war and slaughter will happen regardless of what we do. the more we try to prevent it the better. and if that means keeping some people behind to let the people of Afghanistan defend themselves then so be it.

    • And I believe the democracy that you speak of placed Harper as our PM and has accepted the wishes of Parliament that combat…see that word??? would end in 2011, but that we would need to still provide assistance beyond that date.

      Iririrregardless of what you may think. ;)

  5. We should combat the Taliban, al Qaeda and their forces of fascism Islamic or otherwise, it's the right thing to do.

  6. Good on ya PM, this is the right thing to do although I hope our soldiers won't be out in the field in handcuffs like they are when being part of a Useless Nations deployment.
    This decision and the statement about Israel the other day has raised your stock in my eyes.

    • Boy, if the world was operating through your eyes, there would be zero democracy and everybody would be carrying guns. Move to Texas. I hear George Bush is recruiting.

  7. (Sigh)…
    Our soldiers are lions, being sent to war by donkeys…

  8. As a taxpaying Canadian, I don't want to foot the bill for any more useless wars. The ONLY purpose for an army in my opinion is to defend your own country. I 'd rather spend the money on sewers and roads.