Canada to take U.S. military leftovers? -

Canada to take U.S. military leftovers?

Defence Department may buy helicopter cast-offs for spare parts


The Defence Department is considering buying America’s helicopter cast-offs to use for spare parts for the Canadian Air Force’s Cormorant search-and-rescue choppers. Preliminary discussions are being held on the
possible sale of the US101 helicopters to Canada. The American aircrafts are similar to Canada’s CH-149 Cormorants, which have been grounded from time to time because of a shortage of spare parts. There could be as many as eight of the helicopters available for sale by the Obama administration, since the U.S. government invested $3 billion into the helicopters and then withdrew from the program. If a deal is struck, Canada would pay significantly less than $3 billion, the Montreal Gazette reports.

Montreal Gazette

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Canada to take U.S. military leftovers?

  1. The last time the Canadian military got a "deal" on used equipment, didn't one of the British submarines catch fire on the way across the Atlantic and kill one of our sailors?

  2. Yes, bu these aren't "used" in any sense, and from the article it appears they won't be placed in service, but kept for spare parts – a sensible move if the price is right.

  3. If a deal is struck, Canada would pay significantly less than $3 billion

    I would bloody well hope so! They're junked spare parts!

    I agree with Mike R, it's a sensible move. But if the Yanks start getting all idiotic on price…

  4. The NDP should demand an open bidding process on used helicopters. Then Iggy can demand an open bidding process too… right before he announces he'll cancel the used helicopter bid if he gets elected…

  5. The Gazette story provides a modicum of context which is a refreshing change. If "O" wants to continue flying in his old Sea Kings hopping around India well by all means do so…….

    The "cast-offs" are obviously brand new units caught in a never ending list of incompetent customer change orders. Sounds like a great deal.

  6. Can't they just throw them in with the jets? Spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, and all that?