Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol


Canada will formally pull out of the Kyoto Protocol a few days before Christmas, CTV’s Roger Smith reported on Sunday. The development comes as countries gather in Durban, South Africa on Monday for a climate conference expected to pave the way a new deal to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires on Dec. 31 2012. Environment Minister Peter Kent criticized the Protocol for setting unrealistic emission targets and excluding major emitters in the developing world, such as China, India and Brazil. The Conservatives’ move amounted to “a very damaging act of sabotage,” according to Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

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Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol

  1. Yes, a more “realistic” emissions target will be dictated by Tar Sands Inc and their shill, Steve Harper.

    • poor you. sorry dear but the adults won the election and common sense will have its way.

      • A-dolts is more likely. Common sense — sorry, I’ve already been screwed over by Mike Harris and his cohorts. Fool me once, etc.

      • Ha.

  2. Great Christmas gift! The Libs signed Kyoto, then spent the next 12 years doing nothing about it…our emission rates went up by about 24%. You can mock Harper but everyone’s “hero” Obama is not signing anything either. Funny that when Mr Green, Al Gore, was VP, he refused to sign onto Kyoto but now makes millions, from fools, telling us how to be Green, all the while creating more emissions than an entire city.

    • And if we all followed his advice, the amount of emissions he generates in informing us about how to go about it would be dwarfed by the amount of emissions no longer generated by people.  Learn some basic investment theory. It applies here too. Basically, you can’t make without spending — or in this case, you can’t curb without using.

      Incidentally, the amount Gore makes is a rounding error on the total dividends paid out by BP.  So to argue that he’s in it for the money is to ignore that he could be making a  hell of a lot more if he were boosting the other side.

    • The Clinton administration did in fact sign on to Kyoto. The Dubya administration scrapped it upon taking office in early 2001.

      • They did not…check your facts…thyt refused to sign because China was not obligated to sign.

        • Derek is right.  Clinton signed on but did not send it to Congress because of the lack of mandatory participation by developing contries, but continued to participate in discussions.  Bush dropped out.

  3. May as well pull out; the Libs gave it only lip service and the Cons not even that much. Pulling out, while (IMO) wrong, is at least an honest expression of our (lack of) intent.

  4. I’m sure the Conservatives are pulling out of Kyoto because it didn’t go far enough, and they plan to ratify the far deeper emission targets we need to prevent a runaway greenhouse effect.  After all, they have children and grandchildren too, don’t they?

    • I like your sense of humour :-)

  5. It is interesting that the Harper hand puppet is pulling out less than one year and two weeks before the accord would expire. Is that the strong statement the cons fans are referring to? Lets see how long have they been in power…
    My guess is the cons didn’t pull out until they got the nod that the right people now had control of the planned new meetings, after all Kyoto had defined limits, no need to risk that until you know you can reduce them.

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