Canada willing to spend $1B on maternal health -

Canada willing to spend $1B on maternal health

Federal government asking other G8 countries to ante up


The federal government has told other G8 countries that it’s willing to spend $1B on maternal health funding, provided other countries pitch in, the Globe and Mail reports. Canada’s funding will likely target poor countries with the worst records of maternal and child mortality and malnutrition. The proposed sum, the Globe reminds us, is still less than what Canada is spending to host the G8 and G20 summits at the end of June. “Other governments are beginning to respond,” said John Kirton, director of the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto. “Countries are putting money on the table.”

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Canada willing to spend $1B on maternal health

  1. How stupid is this? The world can barely sustain the current population levels. The human race is over-populating and no one is doing anything about it. I think this is our biggest failure as a human race and we are going to pay dearly for it.

    • You can start to solve the problem…die

      • Why don`t you lead the way, with a comment like that.

        • Doe wasn't suggesting the race was over-populating.. so it's hardly to him to solve the problem.

          And in addition, if someone is willing to recommend people suffer as a solution to over-population, they deserve the response they get.

          • Wasn`t Doe suggesting Nevaumind(or others) die, if he or she was concerned about overpopulation? I didn`t like the comment so i sarcastically suggested he lead the way if that is his solution. Not sure where the people suffering part comes into that equation.

          • Consider what the funding is going for that Nevaumind suggests is "stupid"

  2. If you're a Malthusian, nevaumind- all the more reason to support women's reproductive rights. The Harper Government's announcement that abortion will not be included in the G8 Maternal Health initiative should not be ignored for it is simply hypocrisy. What hasn't been talked about much is the fact that family planning is also excluded from this plan – that means no condoms, no birth control, and no education on family planning. This is absurd. How can we care for half the population when we deny them such basic necessities?

  3. I think the money would be better spent helping the homeless in big cites (Toronto, Montreal, etc.) and the aboriginal communities that still don't have running water in their reserves.

    Once Canada helps those in need within our borders, we put ourselves in a better position to help those abroad.

    • Although it is easier to be compassionate to those within our sight, the fact that our homeless are better off than billions in Africa and Asia is a good reason to prioritize. We are all human after all.

  4. We have more and more families relying on food banks each year, more Homeless, more people going bankrupt, a Health Care system that needs attention as well as being one of the highest taxed countries in the world, and now this?? Obviously we don't matter to our masters in Ottawa. Just what the hell did my Dad (and thousands like him) put his life on the line during WW2 for? This country is sick!!…

  5. Sounds great. And once we've done that, lets find another $100 Billion to take care of their children's health, education, clothing and food until the children grow up and we can provide them with maternal health support for their children.