‘Canada’s asylum system is broken’

Immigration minister introduces reforms to fast-track refugee claims


Under the guise of protecting what he calls “bona fide refugees,” federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has introduced reforms to Canada’s refugee system that would see claimants get access to hearings faster and those whose claims are denied deported more quickly. “Canada’s asylum system is broken,” Kenney said Tuesday, promising “fast and fair decisions on asylum claims” within 60 days. Under the current system, asylum seekers can wait up to 19 months before getting a hearing and failed claimants can take up to 4.5 years exhausting their appeals. Under Kenney’s proposal, rejected claims would result in deportation within a year. Ottawa pegs the cost of the reforms at $540.7 million over the first five years and $85.4 million per year after that.

CBC News

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‘Canada’s asylum system is broken’

  1. Ok, under the new rules, if you are deported will you be held until they put you on the plane?, or will you be let go to disappear into the masses like now? Ha Ha!…LOL!!!…Canada= Joke!!!

  2. It takes less time in Canada to issues visas to refugees than spuses and family members. I do not fully understand budgeting. But as a taxpayer, I see that Sponsors who want to be united with thier families have to wait while they pay to fund refugee programs. Given that some of these refugees are recieving monthly support funds even if they return to the country they came from. Good bye my paycheck

  3. What should we do about Canada's failing refugee system? An article talks about this:http://bit.ly/aNRWHs

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