Canada's Aussie rules immigration reform -

Canada’s Aussie rules immigration reform


The Globe and Mail reports Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is planning major immigration reforms, including granting employers more power in requesting the immigrants they want:

“Once people have been identified by employers, if they meet our other standards we would fast-track them into the country,” Mr. Kenney said. “Frankly, the employer knows better than a big bureaucracy whose skills are needed and will be relevant to the Canadian labour market the minute they arrive.”

On the other hand, Kenny says foreign doctors and lawyers should not be given false hope that they will be able to secure jobs as soon as they arrive if their language skills are not up to par. Over the next few months, a higher language-skill benchmark will be implemented for some professions.

Most changes mentioned by Kenney are inspired by the Australian immigration system. Mikal Skuterud, an economist at the University of Waterloo quoted in The Globe article, says such changes could effectively mean Canada would favour young immigrants, and those coming from English speaking countries:

“It’s quite clear from the Australian evidence that it has the effect of shifting immigration away from non-English speaking countries, China particularly.”

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Canada’s Aussie rules immigration reform

  1. Swell….now we’re importing racism from Oz.

    •  Ah!  The racist card comes out early.


      • That’s because it’s right in the story.

        “It’s quite clear from the Australian evidence that it has the effect of shifting immigration away from non-English speaking countries, China particularly.”

        Pay attention.

        • We are just making it easier on ourselves by letting in people that can already speak the language. Demographics would have it that instead of China we’d be getting people from India. Calm down. 

          • English  is taught in all Chinese schools.

            And I’m quite calm, thank you.

    • Idiot, for sure they should speak English or French or Ojibway or Cree. We are the builders of this great nation

      • Really?

        I’m sure the Chinese, Muslims, Hungarians, Africans and Poles etc would be surprised to hear that.

        You need a history book.

  2. All very well, but tt will only make a big difference if  Mr Kenny fixes the skilled worker processing times. Australia, by and large, processes people quickly. Canada’s waiting times at many visa posts in English-speaking countries (e.g. Sydney, London, Pretoria) are horrific. Moreover, every time Mr Kenny changes the rules to favour a different type of immigrant, those who have already applied go to the back of the queue. So someone can be working for an employer in Canada and have the expectation that their application will be processed quickly. Meantime their application is still not processed and when they try to renew their work peirmits to stay here, if they do not apply months and montsh before they encounter 12 week processing delays at Service Canada and an inland Immigration Empire that refuses to wait for Service Canada and turns down their work permit extension – in which case they are out of status and have to stop working. Come on Mr Kenny – put your house in order!

    • With all the fraud, bogus applicants and dodgy consultants he has to deal with, i think the minister is doing a great job. A good test of an applicants suitability would be a requirement to prepare their applications by themselves without the help of a consultant.

  3. Well, the current Labour Market Opinion system for justifying TFWs is a farce in any event. An overhaul that acknowledged employers intend to hire a specific foreign worker, and will find some excuse to avoid recruiting locally, would at least be more honest.

  4. I agree Canada should not allow immigrants who can’t read, write or speak English into this country, whether they be Asian, Indian, black or white. Make them take tests and prove they can communicate effectively in English. Otherwise reject their application.

    • Well congrats.

      You would have eliminated the Hungarians, Czechs, Germans, Poles….etc with that rule.

      • Some of, yes. Your point?

        I would think a basic level of competency in English or French would be necessary to ensure employability. No point in bringing someone into the country if they are essentially unemployable. We turn out plenty of those all on our own.

        • To speak, and read and write English are 3 different things.

          Many of the people who came to this country could speak it….even broken English…but not the other two.

          We have a point system for qualification and it’s high as it is….it will harm us to make it even more restrictive.

          • Level of ability to function would presumably be based on the work they expect to do, but it seems pointless to bring anyone into the country to work if they can’t use the official language of the region where they will live/work well enough to do their job and generally function in the society at large.

            There are significant costs associated with language barriers – and the expectation seems to be that the taxpayers absorb that cost. As one of those taxpayers, I’d prefer not to have to pay translators for hospital visits and court appearances.

          • Well you already do, and have done for years.

            It takes time for immigrants to fully fit in….and we need immigrants….in large numbers.

            We currently have ‘reasonable accomodation’, and we should keep it that way.

            This isn’t the post-WWII days where white English speaking christian type immigrants were numerous….and it’s a big world.

          • “Well you already do, and have done for years.”

            Yes, I know. Can’t say I like it though.

            You’re right; it’s a big world, and English is taught fairly widely throughout it – so it shouldn’t be that hard to scare up immigrants with basic language skills. I’m not (necessarily) looking for university-level English / French language skills. The majority who come here already have enough to meet the level I’m talking about; I’m just suggesting that we tweak the requirements a little. We definitely do not want to lower the linguistic standards.

            Subject: [macleansca] Re: Canada’s Aussie rules immigration reform

  5. It’s not necessary a fluently English spoken person has the best knowledge on his/her professional field. Canada already have lots of well educated professionals, whom also speak English, but they education is not accepted in Canada, or they are refused to be hired, because they don’t have Canadian experience. When I got the same excuse I was laughing. I wasn’t a looser, whom didn’t higher me was.

    • You have to speak well enough that you don’t embarrass the company, so that people can understand what you write, and so that your poor communication skills don’t burden the rest of the staff.  For the most part it doesn’t matter how great your skills are – if you don’t have the language skills to sound like a professional, you are not employable.  And the longer you are not employed in your field, the more stale and useless your skills get. A Chinese degree in Mechanical Engineering and 4 years experience as a taxi driver in Vancouver while you work on your language skills makes you perfectly positioned to be a taxi dispatcher, not an engineer – your skills are too damned old. It’s not cruel to require that people be able to function and have a job they day they get here – it’s cruel to waste what should be the most productive decade of their lives with false promises and disappointment. 

      And ‘Forintetc…’ – it’s easy to blame companies for not hiring you.  You can call them racists or losers – but when I see an application come through with your apparent level of English, it goes right into the bin.  The fact that you even got an interview shows how open minded that person you’re calling a ‘loser’ was.

  6. If we’re accepting people from communist countries such as china we should increase the time needed to qualify for citizenship to at least fifteen years to ensure they are properley schooled in freedom.