Canada's drinking water needs better management -

Canada’s drinking water needs better management

Report finds smaller communities vulnerable to lower water quality


A new report released by the C.D. Howe Institute says Canada’s approach to drinking water management is fragmented, leaving smaller communities are more vulnerable to water-quality failures. It says smaller communities should consolidate their water systems into regional authorities in order to attract better-trained staff to produce safe drinking water. The report also points to inconsistencies, inefficiencies and duplications in Canada’s water management network, such as duplicate lists of boil water advisories, which could be better administered by a higher degree of professional management.

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Canada’s drinking water needs better management

  1. funny that the feds can nix the potash deal and not intervene in this. in the future water will be more valuable than oil and if it isn't saved then we too will be in need of it.

  2. Whitey228: Amid great publicity by Harper their new regulation was going to curb illegal water exports with huge fines, they turned the authority to export over to the provinces. Last time around, Canadians put in Conservative Governments across the country.

    Several years ago, the Conservatives appeared before the Liberal dominated Privy Council to argue bulk water exports trying to make the case it was already covered under NAFTA. They were told no it wasn't! and the Conservatives went away saying they would wait for a more opportune time.

    The Export of Bulk water has been on the Conservative wish list for 40 years or more; it is not a new thing. What is new is the so called opposition in Canada seemed to have got on board with the program meaning we have no opposition in Canada.

  3. For you people in BC and the Okanagan; the Liberals have every intention of exporting your water. The Federal Conservatives have set this up so they can do just that!

    The BC Liberals have not made a move without checking first with the Alberta Conservatives


    • This topic was shot down in the Thompson/Okanagan…old news…..

      • It was not "shot down" I read the overwhelming Comments of the BC Liberals and thought it was a waste of time mixing up with them.

  4. I was shocked to learn how many "boil water" advisories there are in Canada at any given time. It is in the hundreds. It just seems like with modern technology, we would have a better handle on ensuring safe drinking water.

  5. We already "export" water to the US by virtue of many existing international flow sharing agreements. In Saskatchewan our basin engineers send a nice mix of sewage and runoff to North Dakota without charge and call it "water". It is not always the pristine liquid that so many people associate with water in Canada.

  6. I should be clear. I am not against the export of water to the US. I am however very much against the inclusion of Ground Water (Aquifers) to the US. I am very much against the export of water being brought under the NAFTA agreement as that would force the consumers in Canada to a much higher level of cost as is required by the NAFTA agreement.