Canada's economic gap between East and West grows -

Canada’s economic gap between East and West grows

Saskatoon leads strong showing by western cities in Conference Board of Canada report


The Conference Board of Canada’s annual metropolitan outlook sees Saskatoon leading in growth, while St. John’s falls to last place among 27 cities surveyed. The report notes a widening divide between cities in the West, which are showing signs of strong economic growth, and those in the East, where the economy is weakening, the Globe and Mail reports. Saskatoon’s yearly growth sits at four per cent, well ahead of the national average of 2.4 per cent per annum. Calgary, Edmonton and Regina also grew at rates well above the national average. Toronto’s growth is forecast for a mere 2.6 per cent for the coming year, while Ottawa comes in at a lowly 1.8 per cent in terms of real GDP. Bucking the Western trend, Vancouver is tied with Toronto, and Victoria manages a mere 1.9 per cent projected growth–still well ahead of St. John’s, with its tiny 0.7 per cent projection.

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Canada’s economic gap between East and West grows

  1. So Toronto will increase by @ 149,276 people, roughly 1/2 the size of Saskatoon, and Saskatoon will increase by @10,600 people.
    The scary part of this ‘strong economic growth’ is where are these 10,600 people moving from? If they are rural farmers, Saskatchewan’s leading economic driver is suffering major setbacks, not ‘strong economic growth’.

    Some statistics need real support, is this is the sort of slop governments base their planning and policies on?

  2. “Only until another Liberal government manages to get into power. Then we
    can look forward to another economy killing and wealth transferring

    Last I saw, the LIberals left the Conservatives a surplus and were paying down our debt, look how well our current government has done with that.  And by the way I’m no party supporter.  The Conservatives are just plain scary, the Greens are kooky, the Liberals with the sponsorship scandal are @$$holes, and the NDP are done with Jack.  I vote for a person, not a party.

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