Canada's first test-tube bull goes public in Montreal -

Canada’s first test-tube bull goes public in Montreal

Starbucks II is for show only—not breeding or feeding


Starbucks II, Canada’s first cloned bull, is on display at the St. Hyacinthe Agricultural Expo, a Montreal fair for the farming business. The bull, which was raised in one of the country’s best artificial insemination centres, looks like a regular bull, except that he was reared in a test tube. The imposing creature—weighing 1,100 kilograms and standing 6 feet tall at his shoulder—was bred from a champion stud who is said to have supplied $25 million worth of bull semen to breeders in 45 countries. While Starbucks the younger may be the offspring of a prize-winning stud, Environment and Health Canada regulations prevent the sale of his flesh and semen.

Montreal Gazette

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