Canada's internet is slow, expensive -

Canada’s internet is slow, expensive

Harvard says Canada is falling behind the pack


According to Harvard University, and contrary to what the CRTC states, Canada has some of the slowest and most expensive internet access in the developed world. Says Harvard: “Canada continues to see itself as a high performer in broadband, as it was early in the decade, but current benchmarks suggest that this is no longer a realistic picture of its comparative performance on several relevant measures.” The university reported that Canada ranked 19th overall out of 30 participating member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

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Canada’s internet is slow, expensive

  1. I was going to visit this story's original source but my "broadband" ISP is taking too long to load…

  2. Rural Internet is pathetic. We came from the UK to Canada 5 years ago we wre on 4Mb/s then now we have 1.5Mb/s. Anyone anywhere in the UK can get 2Mb/s even in the mountains. City folks my son lives in Manchester and is on 16Mb/s for half of the price we pay.

    • To be fair, the UK has a total land mass of less than 250,000 sq Km and a population of more than 60 million. Its a matter of infrastructure cost.

  3. After trying to get decent reception with a "hi-speed" dish for about 6 months, I recently gave up on home internet altogther. It was $50/mo plus tax, plus installation, and even then I had to cut down several trees and have a HUGE dish attached to my house that was an eyesore. We had dial-up before, but that's not even worth the bother anymore, as very few websites are designed for anything but hi-speed. I can't get hi-speed through cable or phone lines because I live about 9 KILOMETRES outside of Fredericton city limits. Yes, that is correct, I live only 9 km from the city limits, and 15 km from the Provincial Legislature in downtown Fredericton, and I can't get hi-speed internet.

  4. I pay way more in BC with Telus for my service in comparaison with Quebec's Videotron. I pay also more for so called faster internet and even with a new pc it is slow at times. How can I keep Telus on it's toes as for speed? How can you tell you are not being ripped off?

    • I recently booted Telus out of our life completely (phones and internet in 2 houses) and bundled everything with Shaw (phone, cable, internet). $35/month for 7.5mbps bundled price still seems too much, but at least Shaw is at least twice as quick as Telus in the real world.

      • No. Shaw is overcharging as well for poor service. I am on Extremei. They recently "changed" the speeds to 25Mb/sec = ~2.6MBytes per sec which is pretty much on par with 1998 speeds when i was using those big bulky terayon space heater modems . I was just in South Korea and paying $33CDN a month for their slow 500mb/sec high speed service. (just over 52MBytes/sec) so fast my wireless N router could only do 35 MBytes. SK just entered into the developed 1st world 3 years ago. I am shocked coming back to Canada. I am paying 3x what I should be compared to other countries. Speeds are consistently below advertised range. The infrastructure costs to get canada to compete with even the developing world nations needs political will. so far no one is stepping up to change this.

        I feel ripped off by the blatant OVERCHARGING by ISPs in Canada!

  5. I am paying rogers $50.00 a month for basic light internet, waiting sometime 1 minute for my home page to load, now I find out that on March the first they will do away with my service, because they no longer support outdoor modems, and Bell is to follow, leaving me in the dry, because of the limited download limit given to me as an option, ( 7 gigs per month ) for $50.00 a month, is that greed or what.