Canada’s most famous spy gets his own street

“Intrepid” remembered in Winnipeg


William Stephenson, arguably the most famous Canadian spy ever, has had a street named after him in his hometown, 20 years after his death at 93. Stephenson was Winston Churchill’s top intelligence adviser during World War II, and is perhaps best remembered for his cool wartime code name—Intrepid. He was also a key figure in the founding of the CIA in the U.S. Born in Winnipeg, the city finally got around to honouring him by renaming Water Avenue. Intrepid Avenue would have been catchier, but the new designation is William Stephenson Way.

Winnipeg Free Press

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Canada’s most famous spy gets his own street

  1. I highly recommend the book "A Man Called Intrepid" by William Stevenson, if anybody wants to read upon this subject. It's a great book, and a great story.

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