Canada's terrorist "folk heroes" -

Canada’s terrorist “folk heroes”

CSIS head says Canadians don’t take terrorist threat seriously enough


According to Canada’s top spy, CSIS head Richard B. Fadden, Canadians are suckers for terrorists. In a speech to a conference of about 300 security and intelligence specialists in Ottawa, Fadden said “those accused of terrorist offences [are] often portrayed in media as quasi-folk heroes.” The kid-glove treatment of terrorist suspects was especially prevalent in the case of the Toronto 18, Fadden said, with the accused often being portrayed as bumbling, misguided youths. The CSIS chief further argued the tension between anti-terror security measures and individual freedoms is exaggerated by a “loose partnership of single-issue NGOs, advocacy journalists and lawyers.” “It is a peculiar position,” he said, “given that terrorism is the ultimate attack on liberties.”

Ottawa Citizen

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Canada’s terrorist “folk heroes”

  1. It is one of the functions of the head of an agengy like CSIS to complain when he feels he is not getting what he needs. It is a function of advocacy goups to complain about agencies like CSIS.
    Mr. Fadden will get his chance to see public change and support for his agency when the first group are actualy successful in carring out an act of terror in Canada! Maybe then, we will be able to take the enemy seriously.

  2. It is about time someone that is qualified makes a statement on the dangers of terroism. Why papers like the Citizen try to justify the actions of terroist is beyond me. The treat is real and dangerous. Canadians should me more active on the elimination of terroist.

  3. What else would we expect from someone who's dedicated his life to destroying our civil liberties? Fadden should be fired. His remarks show that he can't be trusted with the immense powers CSIS has been given. Those powers, wielded by people with attitudes like his, make CSIS, the CIA and all the real "ultimate attack on our liberties".

    Terrorism is a label which those in power place on those who resist injustice (as they see it) in a way which doesn't allow the majority to crush them. Was the French Resistance terrorism? How about the original "minutemen" who shot British troops from ambush at the start of the US revolution? Or the zionist gangs that murdered villagers and blew up hotels to drive the Briish out of Palestine after WW2? Those groups are generally admired by the same people who want to throw out the constitution when dealing with Islamic "terrorism". In truth, all warfare is a conflict of peoples and ideologies, and moden terrorism is just an asymmetric (and sometimes very effective) way of waging war. If you want to end terrorism, end the causes that motivate people to engage in it.

    Besides, given that 9/11 killed less than 3000, while the US has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi civilians in response, who are the real terrorists, however you define the term?

    The real significance of the Toronto case is that it demonstrates that justice can be done and society can be protected without abolishing civil liberties such as US and Britain have done, and as fadden wants Canada to do.

    Iorek in Vancouver

    • I think there is a blind spot for the terrorist groups that drove the British out of Palestine, although that's almost out of memory. Actually I have not heard of the zionist groups targeting 'villagers' before. And even they primarily targeted troops and infrastructure, as did the Minutemen and French resistance.

      Which is completely different from the kind of terrorism we're talking about here.

  4. "It is a peculiar position, given that terrorism is the ultimate attack on liberties.”

    Well, murdering somebody is certainly an attack on the victim's civil liberties, but if Fadden means an attack on civil liberties as a whole he should be a bit more straightforward and say that it's the State's response to terrorism that curtails civil liberties, not terrorism itself. The goal of terrorism is to spread fear in the target society and provoke a response that alienates the targeted public from its own State. In responding to terrorism, therefore, the key is to minimise the curtailing of civil liberties so as to prevent the terrorists from driving a wedge between the public and the State. Having the head of CSIS publicly blame the human rights lobby does not help.

  5. Why would Canadian taxpayers take terrorists seriously when CSIS and the RCMP are unable to provide credible evidence to convince a judge to keep people with supposedly "known" terrorist backgrounds and connections on Security Certificates but instead set taxpayers up for massive lawsuits?. Further groups that are declared illegal in Canada can close the Gardiner Expressway and fly the flags of Known terrorist groups. After a while I like I suspect many other taxpayer simply shrug and say "what can be done it must be Disney Land"!

  6. Terrorism as conducted by Islamic terrorist can hardly by compared to French resistance fighters.
    Resistance fighter usually target illegal occupiers. Like the Nazi.
    One can hardly credit Islamic Terrorist as targeting illegal occupiers in Canada.
    Killing innocents or trying to kill innocents is as heinous a crime, as treason and should be treated the same.
    The death penalty comes to mind.
    You people that excuse terrorists are sick twisted imbeciles and could also be considered as traitors to Canada.

    • And shot? Thanks, maybe we'll return the favour some day.

  7. Liberals have a soft spot for cowardly murderers as long as they are of a minority group.

  8. Is this really a surprise. Our left wing isn't alone tho–Sean Penn and his left wing nutjob buddies love Che and Castro and Chavez and Mao. Canadians have historically flirted with socialism, it is just now that thought process is slowly meandering to outright Marxism. All our governments get up everyday with the specific intent of destroying the rights and liberties of the people. Look at the 'new' laws imposed the last 40 years. Our forefathers would be appalled.

    • if you do not know the real stories of Che and Castro and Chavez, then please don't ramble on like an imbecile.It is pathetic.

  9. Anyone who plots to kill or hurt Canadians to further their religious cause should be dealt with quickly and most severly. Terrorists don't believe in democracy, they believe in cutting heads off and posting it on the web as an example. There should be different rules for dealing with them becuase of the risk involved.