Canada’s third gold: Christine Nesbitt

Canadian favourite wins in 1,000-metre women’s speed skating


After placing 10th overall in the long-track speedskating 500-metre final on Tuesday, Canada’s Christine Nesbitt took the gold in the 1,000-metre race. “I definitely have an advantage in the 1,000 because my starts are weaker, but my finish is quite strong,” she told Canwest before the event. The London, Ontario native finished just two-100ths of a second ahead of her biggest rival, Annette Gerritsen of the Netherlands. Lauren van Riessen of the Netherlands took the bronze, while Canadian Kristina Groves, who took the bronze in the 1,500-metre, came in fourth.

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Canada’s third gold: Christine Nesbitt

  1. Absolutely freakin unbelievable – way to go Christine you did us proud .. 300% improvement now over any other games we have hosted and with a little luck we just might start to make the yankees nervous as we are now in third postion in medal standings – oooh boy – these games are most definitley turning the bestest ever and no doubt about it – I hear the big controversy next is that we are making too much noise in the Richmond Oval = ROFLMFAO

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