Canada’s very own version of Fox News? -

Canada’s very own version of Fox News?

Former Harper aide at Quebecor spearheads bid for ‘conservative-minded’ channel


Former Harper aide Kory Teneycke is spearheading a bid for a Fox News-style TV station in Canada with an “unabashedly right-of-centre perspective,” the Globe and Mail reports. Teneycke was appointed vice president of business development at Quebecor Media Inc. this week, and has helped to file an application with the CRTC to operate an English-language news channel. This news venture would target conservative-minded Canadians with a “clearly separated” mix of straightforward reporting and conservative-minded opinion shows. A decision on the application is reportedly imminent.

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Canada’s very own version of Fox News?

  1. This is badly needed in Canada if for no other reason than allowing those of us who support the Conservative party and conservative views hear a differerent point of view.
    There is no question the media has a leftward tilt to their reporting and commentary. For once I would like to see balance. As Fox News says in the States….fair and balanced…you decide.

    • You're right. There is no question to it, because the answer is that it doesn't.

      • No, he is right. The answer is indeed that the media in Canada is mostly tilted to the left.

        • Did somebody just call CanWest left wing?

    • This oft-stated presumption of a leftward tilt to the Canadian media is simply incorrect wrt print. ( I don't watch a lot of network news, so there it may be true.)

      • It's not a presumption, it's just how it is. Try to watch the CBC as a conservative, and you'll easily note all the little mannerisms and nuances that the "reporters" project. Whenever the Conservatives do something that can be perceived as wrong by Liberals, you will be guaranteed to see some excited reporters on the CBC when they talk about it.

        I mean I have never heard anyone ever criticize the CBC for being conservative, either they're perfectly balanced (yeah, right!), or they're on the left, based on that logic alone.

        • I mean "… so either they're perfectly balanced…"

          • 1) I said print

            2) perhaps you are right, but since only 20% of eligible voters, voted Conservative in the last election, one really should only expect 20% of CBC reporters to project their values.

            3) However, alas you are wrong. Coyne has been roundly (if undeservedly) bashed on these pages for being too conservative in his views on that CBC panel with issues. Alan Greg has also been skewered for being a former, paid Conservative party hack (that one is true). Chantel is probably perceived as having a Liberal view although she regularly provides far more devastating viewpoints on the Liberal party and its leadership than any Conservative talking point.

          • 1) No argument here.

            2) 20%? So you are assuming that none of the people staying home on election day are conservative. Wouldn't it be more likely that the split among non-voters would be roughly equal to the split among voters?

            3) I think there's a difference between talking heads and reporters. Pundits are asked for their opinions and normally wear there affiliations on their sleeve, but with reporters the biases are more subtle.

          • Subtle, unless you're Neil McDonald. Nobody drips disdain like he does.

          • Or anti-Semetism

          • on 1) we agree
            on 2) I said voted, nonvoters did not vote
            on 3) you would have to define pundit, certainly if I go to a Sun paper and look under news, many of the "reporters" are hardly subtle.

        • And because, as a Conservative, you get frustrated watching CBC, it MUST be biased against you. Is that the logic? Does it ever occur to you that left-wingers also get frustrated watching CBC? How 'bout that fine lefty CBC reporter Pamela Wallin who was appointed as a Conservative senator?

          You Conservatives are all the same. If the world doesn't COMPLETELY revolve around you, you think you're being grossly mistreated. Whine whine whine.

          • Pamela Wallin?? Did they just defrost you?

        • But there is a big difference between news with a perceived liberal slant (little mannerisms and nuances) and a full blown partisan POV masquerading as fair and balanced.

          This president I think has exposed himself over and over again as a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture….I'm not saying he doesn't like white people, I'm saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist." –Glenn Beck on President Obama, from his FOX News show, July 28, 2009

          I don't recall Don Newman letting loose like this


      Wow, Conservative support is so lacking in the media that there were actually a couple of newspapers who didn't openly endorse the Conservative party! What indignity, what injustice!

    • I love the completely fact free statement that the media tilts left. Stating a conclusion as a fact doesn't make it so. Please provide specific examples.

  2. I dont have a problem with that.We have had the CBC that is so left, I am never sure what they might say to get any liberal into would make a refreshing change to have a newscast that is slightly right!

    • If the proposal is to have a right-wing mouthpiece like FOX News, that's not *slightly* to the right! Even at FOX News, they don't even pretend anymore to be delivering news–it's partisan "news entertainment." No, thank you. Left or right leaning is one thing when reporting the news as factually as possible. But an unabashed, left-slamming, right-wing mouthpiece is NOT the way to go, lest we end up with something like Bush in Canada.

  3. The media is Canada is embarrassingly biased to the Liberal and NDP agenda. Its shameful and unprofessional, but solution is not to have a Canadian version of the US network Fox. Fox is equally pathetic.

    How about fair, objective reporting free of the journalists own opinion. Report the facts—the public can make up their own minds.

    • Sure, but as long as there is blatantly biased liberal media that is incapable of doing a good job, the solution then is a right-wing media to complement it… and then you can simply watch both.

    • Other than having (a completely open) conservative bias, who says it will be anything like Fox News. Not everything that is conservative in Canada is automatically a clone of American conservative politics.

      Reporting will always display one form of bias or another, it's unavoidable. The paying public prefers hearing what they want to hear rather than being challenged. I often post comments on the G&M's website that are not at all related to the story I'm supposed to be commenting about. Rather, I basically write a collection of sentences that includes phrases such as "Harper, evil neo-con, right-wing agenda, Harper / Bush Jr., Conservatives are immoral… etc. It's actually pretty hilarious, Within minutes, my comment will have 30-50 "approvals" and maybe 1 or 2 "dislikes"… even though what I wrote is basically nonsense and has nothing to do with the story. As long as my comment reflects poorly on Harper or the Conservatives, no one cares that it basically doesn't make any sense.

      I guess at the end of the day, I think it's more important to have these biases shown for what they are and have the information presented viewed through this context.

      • Other than having (a completely open) conservative bias, who says it will be anything like Fox News. Not everything that is conservative in Canada is automatically a clone of American conservative politics.

        We'll have to wait and see what it looks like. I just hope the producers realize that Fox News is not something worthy of emulating. Conservatives can do a lot better for themselves than what that network offers in the name of "unbiased reporting".

      • Well said and so very true Jamie : in fact if you go to the TGM web forums right now and peruse the comments on this subject – it almost reeks of fear by the usual hyper partisan redneck or harper haters – persoanlly I love the idea of the news channel as I thoroughly enjoy debate between pundits of all sizes and makes unlike a fair amount of frustrated left wing nuts who simply can't abide with those that disagree with their position – then again Left wing nuts think us right wingers are evil and right wingers show more patience by understanding that the left are just simple minded.

  4. Are taxpayers footing the bills? How about a nice second hand fake lake for the foyer?

    If the Cons were doing a good job they would not need this new station.

    • Actually, tax payers only foot the bill for liberal leaning news organizations… ie the CBC. I'll take a fake lake over that any day.

  5. Well good. We need a little more hate and fanciful reality from the Jesus crew flowing in this country.

    • Hopefully :)!! I am all for a good hate…

      • Yes there are some "Jesus" crew in the conservatives, but come on, comments like that seem like you automatically equate southern American Republicans with Canadian Conservatives and that comparison fails.

        • Actually Harper and his crew Remind me a GREAT deal of the Republican party in the U.S.

  6. The more media Canada has the better. I mean, it really can't get worse, can it… *smirk*

    My early suspicion is that their news coverage will probably be alright (better than the Post's, but behind CTV/CBC), but their opinion shows will flop unless they have people like David Akin working there to temper the hyper-partisan tendencies of other people involved.

    CTV won't be poached for so many Senators…

    • As a side note, this is another reason for me to practice my French because nothing in English Canada competes with RDI anyways…

    • How convenient, then, that Akin's been hired to work there.

      • That is currently the only reason I think this network has a chance at being more than a self-replicating farce.

  7. Oh yeah, this is a great idea. The National Post is doing awesome in Canada so why shouldn't a cheap knock-off of FOX News? And we really don't have enough right-wing-slanted views on TV news with most of the CTV and Global reporters being of that persuasion, and CBC trying to gain their right-wing cred with Andrew Coyne, Rex Murphy, Kory Teneycke, …. sheesh.

    Teneycke is about to burn up a good chunk of Peladeau's cash. Ask Conrad Black how successful he thinks it'll be…

  8. I just phoned my local cable provider to tell them to put my name down as a viewer when and if provided such. Apparently I am not the only phone call received today = who would have thought!

  9. Any extremist would dislike Canadian media. Since the far right has a louder voice than the far left, we hear more about a lack of conservative principles.

    Simple as that.

  10. This is a great idea, I only hope that if it gets off the ground it will actually be a voice for conservativism. More likely than not it will become a slightly right of center, wishy-washy, copy of FOX news. The CRTC and HRC nazi's will be watching closely…

    • All it has to be is a newsnetwork that tells the entire story, and instigates honest debate, to be far superior to what we have now.

      The only stories being told, like here at Wherry's place, are about what the Liberals did, what the Liberals said, what the Liberals think…….. who cares, anymore?

  11. Number of national Canadian newscasts considered to be left-leaning: 1 (CBC – though I'd personally beg to differ)
    Number of national Canadian newscasts considered to be right-leaning: 2 (CTV and Global)

    The same applies to our national newspapers.

    I'm not saying people shouldn't be able to start all the TV stations they want, but the idea that Canadian media is left-leaning is simply absurd. What is it going to take for conservatives to stop playing the victim?

    Lefties have 2 national media outlets in the country – the CBC (sort of) and the Toronto Star. How outrageous that the 60-70% of Canadians who are sympathetic to progressive views should have even 33% of the national media to cater to us! This is really just ridiculous already!

    • you're delusional, both CTV and Global regularly spew Liberal and NDP talking points, when is the last time you listened to Fife, Oliver, Taber et al?

      • Sorry DPT, I'm afraid you're the delusional one, or you have no understanding whatsoever of what left and right wing mean.

        First of all, we tend to ascribe the terms based on our own country's political spectrum. Given this context, they are both squarely right of center.

        If you want to try and plot them on an international scale, they're a bit right of center. If you compare them to the USA, they're probably center to a bit left of center, but that's only because the USA has a remarkably narrow, almost exclusively right wing political spectrum – it's not useful to compare anything to that scale!

    • Even if we accept that CTV and Global are as right-leaning as CBC is left-leaning, between the main CBC channel and Newsworld, CBC broadcasts a lot more "news" than CTV and Global, even if you include the continuous loop on Newsnet. And that's without even mentioning CBC radio.

      As for newspapers, I agree with you about the TorStar, and no one would argue that the National Post and the Sun chain are too liberal, but do you really think the Globe & Mail isn't centre-left?

      • "Even if we accept that CTV and Global are as right-leaning as CBC is left-leaning, between the main CBC channel and Newsworld, CBC broadcasts a lot more "news" than CTV and Global, even if you include the continuous loop on Newsnet. And that's without even mentioning CBC radio."

        I would suggest that the opposite is true: CTV and Global are significant'y more right leaning than CBC is left-leaning. However, I think that most people who argue that a news outlet is particularly left or right leaning don't actually understand what those terms properly mean (I'm not suggesting that you necessarily fall into this category, it's just something I've observed).

        For instance, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict very little to nothing to do with being left or right leaning. I know Jewish people who are about as left leaning as I am, but who are staunchly pro-Israel. This isn't uncommon. However, a lot of people still see it as a left-right issue, which shows that they don't actually understand what those terms mean.

        I also don't think that programming schedules are particularly relevant to the discussion, as I'm guessing most people aren't watching news all day. but I don't think it's terribly important. My point is that there are plenty of places to go for news, and the never ending complaints from conservatives about the media are completely out of whack with reality. You'd have to be pretty far right wing to mistake CTV or Global news for left wing!

        "As for newspapers, I agree with you about the TorStar, and no one would argue that the National Post and the Sun chain are too liberal, but do you really think the Globe & Mail isn't centre-left?"

        I think the G&M is generally a bit right of center, if I had to give it a general score. I'm sure you'd find that every newspaper has a degree of a spread of political orientations among their staff, though I guess every organization has some sort of gravitational pull to some area on the spectrum.

    • The CBC is centrist to slightly right in my opinion too.
      As for the privately owned media any business works to gain a profit and would not operate against that interest, which is plainly centre to right of centre in its foundation. So the corporate organs are by default not leftist.
      When political life in a country starts on the right and claims to occupy the centre then that creates a false benchmark to work from. So consequently there are no real major leftie media outlets at all in Canada, just some not a right as the others.

    • Cbc is far left, and ctv with Global are left, there is no right wing tv media in canada

  12. I, for one, welcome this new station and I hope that they are just as far right as Fox.

    Canadians need to understand that this country is not being led by a progressive leader. Harper is a rightwinger and the record needs to be set straight.

    • Canadians thought Harper was one of the elite 'progressives'?

      Harper quit the Reform party 'because' they were too ideological to ever win government.
      He and Preston had a huge falling out over it. But you believe what you want PJ, be a Liberal mushroom.

      • "the elite 'progressives'? "

        Did Beck teach you that?

  13. Great news!
    I hope the radio guys Adler and Rutherford, are given a spot.

    And Carole Taylor would be my first choice for female co-host.
    Not only does she have political experience, she has extensive media experience too. She used to host her own show.

    And instead of war criminals, our military would be portrayed on tv as the heros they are!

    • Hey, it's the " hate the troops" line again! How creative! How thought provoking.
      and hey, i must hate the troops because i am mocking you, right!
      I say it's the politicians that tell them what to do and are making the mistakes, but hey, it means i hate the troops!

  14. Fox news is well recognized for the worst journalism available in the USA. Now Harper's spawn are importing more Bush ideas to Canada.

    • Care to provide any substantiation for the station being the worst journalism in the USA? Or do you just spew thoughtless remarks?

      • They don't fact check. Others do it for them.

      • The thoughless spewing is a specialty of Fox News, not mine. I suggest you watch Sean Hannity to get an idea what I am referring to. To get an idea how bad Fox News journalism is just watch either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. The Fox journalism is so bad that Stewart and Colbert are able to use it unedited as very good comedy.

  15. ooh ooh instead let's have a network that reports that everything came from nothing and then turn around and say the believe in the laws of thermodynamics and conservation of matter and energy! that'd be fun

  16. In the third week of January 2010, Fox News was the highest rated basic cable channel in primetime. This marked the first time that a news channel led the primetime ratings, beating out entertainment channels such as USA, TNT, and TBS. Also in January 2010, Public Policy Polling reported that Fox News was the most trusted television news channel in the country with 49% of respondents stating they trust Fox News.

    Lets stop with worst journalism available, and not be emulated crap. Fox has a higher aproval rating than Obama right now

    • And you're proud of this?

    • Fox news IS NOT a "news" channel…….stop saying it… it's NOT true….they are an entertainment channel and went to court to get permission to lie to the American people…….Geeze…..please don't tell me that there are Canadians who fall for this's the link(one of many)

  17. Would THAT ever be a breath of fresh air. Major problem would be is there anybody currently in the Canuckistani media that isn't a left wing loon. Fox's ratings are killing the traditional left wingnuts down there and I would think, with the noteable exception of Toronto, the same would happen here.. It would be nice to again watch Candian TV for a change.

    • You think Andrew Coyne is a left wing loon?

    • Also, wingnuts are actually rightwingers. Look it up, you mean moonbats.

  18. Nothing that a little public education wouldn't cure . . . FOX News is garbage. It's unsubstantiated right-wing propaganda. Why is this not obvious to people?