Canadian air clean, but not Mauritius clean

WHO ranks Canada third on global air quality list


Another Monday, another reason to be jealous of the Mauritians. A new study by the World Health Organization has revealed that Canadians breath some pretty clean air, but not as clean as the lucky citizens of Mauritius and Estonia. Canada tied for third in the survey with Australia. Despite Canada’s high scores, the WHO still estimates that some 2,400 Canadians die from air-polution related illness every year.

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Canadian air clean, but not Mauritius clean

  1. A major cause of long term lung disease is the result of inhaling particles from burning wood (fireplace inserts and campfires). A half hour of wood burning in a fireplace produces more carcinogens than 400 cigarettes. If you wish to harm your neighbour’s health, burn wood. It’ll give their kids asthma and increase their odds of developing COPD.   
    I have a feeling the WHO wasn’t testing Canada’s air in the wintertime!

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