Canadian band councillors making up to $1 million

Dozens of First Nations politicians earning more than PM


New figures made public by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation show that 82 band chiefs and councillors from across the country earn more than the prime minister, who makes $317,574 annually, and 704 take in more than $100,000 a year, with one earning close to $1 million. The announcement comes three days ahead of a scheduled vote on a private member’s bill outlining requirements for councillors and chiefs to report their earnings. The individual band chiefs and councillors aren’t identified in the report, which contains data released by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, though it does reveal the populations of the bands in question. The million-dollar councillor, for instance, is from a community of 304 people. “One million a year for one person, that’s obscene,” said Nova Scotia NDP MP Peter Stoffer. “And I think the people on that reserve, and other First Nations people across the country, would be quite upset with that.”

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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Canadian band councillors making up to $1 million

  1. Aboriginal Chiefs keep their subjects in poverty on purpose so they can pocket all the charity they receive for themselves, they are the most morally bankrupt group of people in Canada and they should be ashamed of themselves for how they exploit vulnerable people. Canadians must stop this abuse.

  2. Who determines the pay for the chief? Is this something the band votes on, the band council, or does the chief just decide?

    If you look at the rates of pay to municipal councillors (throw out big cities, because that's not comparable), shouldn't that be the basis of council pay? Ultimately it should be up to the members of each band to make sure their council and chief are being paid fairly.

    • II agree this problem should be addressed, but not in the white man way, without mercy, with justice, without thought for the after results. This is what brought them here to begin with, so how about getting more involved, less ignorant and learning more about the Native people in your community? This would help. It's a cry for help, I see this, why can't anyone else?

      • Apparently we are learning ALOT more about the Native people in our communities.
        As for a "cry for help"…that is a cry from the taxpayers of Canada you're hearing.

      • You are quick to accuse the 'white man' of being ignorant and unjust – You should look in the mirror. It is aboriginal Chiefs who are being ignorant and unjust to their fellow aboriginals. You can be a racist all you want, but we don't have to pay you for it.

  3. If a First Nation runs into financial difficulties, Indian Affairs brings in a Third Party Manager to run the show, which is usually a very high paid consultant. I did a little research on the claims made here. It turns out in at least a couple of these cases it is not a chief or council that makes the $300k, but the consultants. It's possible that's the case in more instances. Look on INAC's website for First Nation profiles, it shows some financial statements for Bands. If it says Third Party Manager, that's the case.

    Also, there are a number of First Nations in this country that are doing very well for themselves because of business successes. Osoyoos, Westbank, and Burrard First Nations in BC are just a few. It's quite possible they are earning high salaries for their elected leaders because they can afford to and their leaders have improved their community's fortunes.

  4. They were taught to live this way? You are saying that they're innocent child like dependents of government instead of adults, that's the condescending liberal way, liberals always 'look down' on ethnic groups. Pathetic.

  5. It is like handing a child a jar of candy and telling them to share, then walking away and not looking back to see if they did. The times of unaccountability must end. It is time for the piggy bank to start watching the piggies. Every cent spent on reserves, by chiefs, and in Native Schools and Universities must have an oversear. It has sadly been proven they are not able to. This would ensure the people as a whole get the funding they should be.
    On another note, CBC BC was interviewing a (I believe) Former Chief, and she actually was exclaiming that the Chiefs deserved that amount of money and that we have no idea how much pressure they have on them, that it is a really hard job. I just about choked on the coffee, they are running a RESERVE and making more money than the man who is running our COUNTRY…and we wonder why we have problems!

  6. re: sovereign power and self-governance. "with great power comes great responsibility" and for Western style democracy this inevitably means handling the trough of money which becomes a temptation for pork-barreling. The broader implications of Capitalism vs Socialism aside, First Nation leaders would be wise to heed the lessons of the emerging African nations lest they join this illustrious crowd. All that glitters is not gold

  7. Why do you think IdleNoMore got started???? We’re pissed just as you are. Join us in fixing this. Then a new world can begin!! We love canada and all canadians.