Canadian businessman killed in Mexico City

Joel St. Tierre lay unidentified for several days after being shot in the head


A Canadian man who owned an air conditioning company in Zapopan, Mexico, was shot and killed in the country’s capital last week, the Toronto Star reports. Mexico City’s attorney general said that Joel St. Tierre, 35, was shot in the head on May 3. Police were unable to identify his body due to a lack of identification documents, until his wife, Melanie Cote, identified the body on May 5. Canadian foreign affairs spokesman Alain Cacchione said consular officials are working with local authorities in the investigation

Toronto Star

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Canadian businessman killed in Mexico City

  1. yey yey usa! give them more guns to kill people’s sons! don’t legalize drugs – more money from thugs!

  2. This killing was in Mexico City, not in the USA. Learn some geography before you comment.

    • the only thing im guilty of is assuming this is gang/drug war related – my bad. my personal opinions of why those kinds of things go on in mexico are what they are. my geography is fine;)

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