Canadian convicted of shipping nuclear materials to Iran -

Canadian convicted of shipping nuclear materials to Iran

Mahmoud Yadegari tried to send transducers to native Iran


A Canadian man was found guilty in a Toronto court on Tuesday of shipping materials to Iran that could be used in nuclear technology. Mahmoud Yadegari is the first person convicted of violating U.N. regulations that restrict the export of certain goods to Iran. Yadegari’s arrest last April followed several unsuccessful attempts to ship transducers to his native Iran. The Toronto man faces a maximum of five years in prison for his offences, which also include convictions on eight other counts, including forgery and violations of the Customs Act.

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Canadian convicted of shipping nuclear materials to Iran

  1. After he is done in prison, boot him out of the country!

  2. too bad we couldn't ask Obama to take him to Gitmo and send us Khadr to try for treason.

    • How about we let the U.S. have them both ?

    • they should keep both in gitmo. bring khadr back and he will get a written apology and 20 million dollars (tax free) to do as he pleases with. and guess what pleases him most!?

  3. Canada's lefties have turned Canada into a virtual haven for illegals, legals whose alliances are to creeps such as Ahmadinajad, or Kim Yung and a nation with it's first political party which actually is jilted towards anti-semitism.And some members of the media, who are sympathetic to the case of the Blac Bloc, are more concerned about someone being detained than by society being hijacked by terrorists.

  4. Yes, after he has served his time, he should be stripped of his canadian Citizen papers and sent back to Iran.

  5. he will not spend much time in prison. i can almost guarantee it!! he is a muslim. them "peaceful" people will riot and threaten psychotic action, and the mullah apologists, ACLU and CCLA will raise enough s$!t to get him out before his next potty break!

  6. isn't multiculturalism wonderful……send the piece of trash to gitmo

  7. why do we continue to tolerate these 13th century islamist pigs?? Let's start treating them the way they would treat us (if they had the brains and technology and cohesion – which they don't and never will)!

    • sadly, they do have the brains, technology and cohesion to do exactly as they please. we gave them to technology. they already have the brains and cohesion. we lack both – brains to analyse the problem, cohesion to implement security if we do ever get the point. and it is working against us…BIG TIME!!!!!!

    • As mentioned they certainly have the brains and if it weren't for sanctions, they'd have the technology. Iran is the fastest growing country in many scientific disciplines (ScienceWatch), It is reputed for having some of the finest engineering institutions in the world (Newsweek). If you worked in a Canadian university you would know that a great majority of students in many engineering departments are Iranian. Please don't insult a nation, you're free to insult the government, but your statement is just ignorant.

  8. 5 years!!!!!!!!?????? what a fu%$ing joke!!!!!

  9. Do any of you actually know what a transducer is? It's a type of sensor. That's a pretty weak link to "nuclear material". I call bull$#!t. Although it's nice to see the forum jumping to conclusion so quickly, off with their heads, eh?

    • better theirs than ours! but you go right ahead and watch as they do to us as they don't want done to them. don't forget the pop and popcorn.

      • What I meant is this: a pressure transducer is a very simple and generic piece of equipment. This guy's getting five years because of the possibility of it being used in uranium enrichment. That's a pretty sepcious link.
        I'm not really sure what it is you're suggesting that I watch though. My last sentence was an ironic reference to the knee-jerk response of all the posters in this forum so far.

        • Transducers have benign applications, yet they can be used in Centrifuges for enriching Uranium,also Transducers are on the embargo and Sanction List Canada has against Iran, along with Eight other convictions including forgery, and violations under the Customs Act.. I would say Mr. Yadegari is getting off lightly with a five year sentence, Knee jerk reaction?? It appears you are the only one in this forum that can not understand the magnitude of this offence..

          • I have no doubt Mr. Yadegari knew he was breaking the law, and should be sentenced accordingly. It sounds like the guy was more of a greedy nutcase than a terrorist, though.

            Personally, I`d rather stand that eensy weensy of dying in a terrorist attack than live in a police state. I mean, I could die in a car accident or from a lightning strike, so no sense obsessing. But unless the overall goal here was to make right wingers look like a bunch of nutters, I don`t think very much was accomplished by this particular forum hijack.

          • Well to date no Iranian has taken part in a terrorist attack so don't worry.

        • a pressure transducer may be a "simple and generic" piece of equipment, but it's application is what is in question. and where it is being sent. read true north's response below. the fact that you don't understand what i am saying shows me that you don't understand what you are saying either.