Canadian couple wins lottery, donates it to charity -

Canadian couple wins lottery, donates it to charity

Elderly couple didn’t spend any of $11.2 million on themselves


Allen and Violet Large of Lower Truro, Nova Scotia are being applauded for their generosity after winning $11.2 million on a lottery ticket in July—money that’s now gone—and not spending any of it on themselves. Calling the money “a big headache,” the couple gave some to family, then donated to two pages worth of groups, including the local fire department, churches, cemeteries, hospitals, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army, and cancer-fighting organizations. When they won, Violet, 78, had been undergoing treatment for cancer discovered in the spring; she finished chemotherapy treatment a week ago. The couple was married in 1974; Allen was a steel welder and Violet worked for cosmetics and chocolate companies, before they retired in 1983 and returned to Nova Scotia. “We’re the lucky ones,” Violet said. “I have no complaints.”

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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Canadian couple wins lottery, donates it to charity

  1. Admirable. So, if they didn't want the winnings for themselves, why were they buying lottery tickets in the first place?

    Hoping to win to share the wealth around is certainly an… unusual charitable strategy.

    • wow. I've always thought I would give away most of a lottery, usually something like 90%, with a suspicion that might change when the money was actually in my hands. Which is a big reason I don't buy lottery tickets. This really amazes me.

    • I know a lot of folks who give lottery tickets as small gifts inside cards and the like.

      I also know a few who just like to play the scratch & win things as a type of habit to keep their hands busy. Surprisingly, it's cheaper than smoking.

    • madeyoulook…get a life..stop hating..would you do it???

      • Odd, that. I see no hatred in my comment above. But, then, I guess I am so filled with hatred, that I would say that, wouldn't I…

        The closest approximation to hatred that I can find is the phrase "get a life." No doubt you will help clear up the confusion.

        • Maybe it's like catch-and-release fishing or something.

  2. My kind of people. Give them a medal, erect a monument, or make them members of the Order of Canada.

  3. they are simply a better generation

  4. Amazing! I do not think I could emulate them, no matter how hard I might try.

  5. perhaps the reason is because giving to other people gives people immense satisfaction …they may only have a few years left themselves, why would you want to be gluttonous …young people are probably the ones who would be more likely to self-focused

  6. i thinks this guy has a brain problem. why dont you give it to me if you dont want it