Canadian diplomats boycott Ahmadinejad speech -

Canadian diplomats boycott Ahmadinejad speech

Group walks out on UN address by Iran’s president


Canadian diplomats have boycotted a speech by Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN General Assembly in protest of Iran’s human rights record and controversial nuclear program. Ahmadinejad said to the assembly that capitalism is waning and that there needs to be an overhaul of the governing global order. Prime Minister Stephen Harper will address the assembly tonight to talk about Canada’s contribution to the UN Millennium Development Goals. Harper is expected to push for a temporary seat on the influential UN Security Council.

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Canadian diplomats boycott Ahmadinejad speech

  1. For a guy who cheated on election, suppress freedom and democracy, giving him a stage to spout garbage would be giving him legitimacy.

    • Nah, let him make a gool of himself….

  2. Nice piece of Propaganda based on false information.
    Congratulations on deceiving the public (again) Maclean's

    and to "Adriadne", i dont think they need your help in fabricating lies!

    • I wonder if Macleans got their information from Catherine Loubier, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, thats where the other news outlets obtained theirs from….but then again you just never know now do you ?

      • You're right! And the Foreign Affairs Minister is a very reputable source too, since they get their facts from CNN, MSNBC, JYT, BBC, the Frum family, and many other reliable sources like Maclean's. :-)

        On a totally unrelated topic, please take time to remember the cold blooded murder of teenager Keyvan Tabesh in Vancouver Canada at the hands of the Canadian Government, which is paying $1000 per month to all witnesses in exchange for not testifying.

    • Where have you been?

      • Ariadane..where you refering to me ?

        • Sorry true north, I was referring to Kyle.

          • That's alright… But I am crushed you know !

  3. I wonder if Iranian diplomats will boycott Stephen Harper's speech in the spirit of diplomatic revenge that more closely resembles a rolling wheel chair fight at a senior's residence than it does meaningful action? I rather doubt that Mahmoud even noticed the absence of the Canadians.

    • Nah, they just nuke as out!

    • No one noticed Canadians walkout and no news organization with the exception of a Canadian Macleans reported it. That shows where Harper policies got us. No one notices what Canadian government does or cares about it's actions on the world stage.

      • They probably just assumed that Harper was in the little boys room again

  4. oh well, maclean's deleted my response because I spoke the truth and mentioned the murder of Keyvan Tabesh…

    • What does the Tabesh murder have to do with the above article on the U.N. boycott. ?.. just curious…..

      • It was a general statement on human rights in canada as well as lies and censorship in the media. I would tell you but they'll just delete it again.

        • Are you referring to Tabesh, Keyvan's case? If so, even the family of Tabesh are upset with the Iranian government for using their son's death for political reasons. Are you for some reason a paid spy or apologist for Iran?

        • Kyle .. If you stay on topic, I will listen, but if your going to go off topic to try and satisfy you own agenda then you maybe should go play somewhere else……

          • True norht, Um this IS on topic. Their excuse for "Skipping" was "human rights". The problem with you people is

            (a)you have no idea what you are talking about

            (b)You are following the infantile, insignificant and stupid Israel Agenda which has lies, propaganda and slander as its main weapon (and that is really on topic right?)

            (c)You are functionally illiterate.

            Take your pick. (More than one choice allowed)

          • LMAO… Kyle you have probably set the record for most thumbs down on a single debate , and yet you say The problem with ''YOU '' people is…..etc..etc..'' Me thinks that possibly Ariadne is on to something……..

  5. Unfortunately Mr. Harper gets his marching orders from Telaviv and with his lack of geopolitical understanding he makes comments such as the one he made about Iran when National Post tabloid wrote Iranian government made Jews were ID. Conservative blind support of U.S policy made Canadian government and its point of views irrelevant.

    • I hope you are not referring to yourself when you spoke of irrelevance?

    • Exactly! And don't worry about all the thumb downs and threats – our bibleThumping judeoChristian friends (who have numerous relatives in the military of course right?) have the biggest mouths to match their pea-sized neural tubes.

  6. And American diplomats stayed for every word…

    Makes you think huh?

    • Nah! All of them: The delegations of the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France walked out ! Why Canada was singled out, might have something to do with this magazine is Canadian.

  7. Good. More countries should have followed our lead and walked out. The fascists in Iran say they will use nuclear weapons as soon as they're ready, currently they brutalize their own population, and they sponsor terrorism around the world.
    It is extremely unfortunate that left leaning liberals in the West have such great admiration for the power that fascist Islam has over people, while liberals want to have the same power over their neighbours, it is not like the Islamic fascists would share power with them. Fascist Islam wants total control and they will dispose of the useful idiots in the West as soon as they're no longer needed.

    • You're right! I also heard those "fascist dictators" say a lot of other things too! I swear I heard it all on CNN, JYT, Associated Press, BBC, CBC, "Izzy" Asper, Conrad Black, the Frum crime family (who write speeches for bush in addition to running half of CBC), among many other Reputable sources such as your mongoloid self.
      Let's see…women getting "Stoned to Death" for "Adultry"…"Wiping countries off the map" with "Nukes"…."Denying" the so called "Holocaust" (which is also a very important world issue)…
      Did I miss anything?

    • When determining whether a state is facist, would the g20 police activities in Toronto create a spike or just a little blip on your facisim spectrometer?

  8. Harper is a puppet of Israel. Walking out is childish, immature and designed escalate conflict and eliminate dialogue. Stevie you should read International Relations for Dummies. Its written with big characters and small words.

    • Clearly that's where you got your understanding of international relations, if you prefer siding with a hysterical theocratic genocidal maniac like Ahmadenijad then the democratically elected government of Israel. Or maybe you just think you're smart cause you're repeating the bs from your undergrad social science professor…

      • @AlfaNerd You just agave yourself away. do you really think it's justified for you people to go spread vicious lies about countries and their leaders simply because they disagree with you people stealing peoples land, through havoc and genocide and calling the place "israel".

    • Quick Alfanerd! Get this liberal's IP address and track him down!

      • Haven't you heard, that is exactly what Iran did? They track a blogger's address and now that guy is under execution order. Kyle, are you not the same guy who say "F**K Canada" on Canada Day, Mr. Omar Shaban, the former vice president of Canadian Arab Federation? Or are you one of his converts? You are still here in Canada? Why not go back to Lebanon or Iran (the country you love so much)?

        • If you’re going to lie through your teeth at least say something that is somewhat believable

  9. I don't like this silly idea of 'walking out' on other countries, whether you agree with them or not.

    The whole purpose of the UN is to get countries together to talk, and work out differences, rather than fight.

    We won't get anywhere with Iran or any other country by insulting and ignoring them.

    • "The whole purpose of the UN is to get countries together to talk, and work out differences, rather than fight. "

      That may well be the UN's whole purpose but it never actually achieves that purpose. Rather, the only thing the UN is good for is to allow tin-pot dictators and genocidal religious fanatics like Ahmadenijad to punch above their weight.

      Canada should leave the UN and the US, Japan and Germany should stop funding it.

      No one organization has helped support bad governance all over the world (and hence helped maintain people in poverty and misery) than the UN.

      When it's not giving sub-human turds like Ahmadenijad a soap box, or when it's not sending pedophiles to take care of refugees, or when it's not enabling fraud for tyrants like Saddam Hussein, the UN is useless at best.

      There is no middle ground between allowing this nutbar to wield nuclear weapons so that he can carry out his genocide and preventing him, by all possible means, from doing so.

      • How is it supposed to achieve that purpose with countries like Canada walking out? No one thinks the UN is perfect….it'll take a long time before we get it operating properly, and Canada is supposed to be contributing to that, not making things worse.

        The world without a UN would be a much nastier place. When the original League of Nations died we had a world war.

        No one is 'sub-human'…that's usually the opening line in any war…..the 'enemy' of the moment is always 'sub-human'.

        It's time to end the wars, and learn to live together globally….and drawing lines in the sand, or walking out doesn't contribute to that. There are 50 nations that either have, or can have in short order, nuclear weapons. Are you going to invade all 50 because YOU don't agree with something about them?

        • that's beautiful and profound Emily – but it really isnt pertinent unless you're running for Miss USA.

          WW2 was not caused by the League of Nations "dying".

          Ahmadenijad, by building a nuclear arsenal and threatening Israel of annihilation has included himself in the categories of sub-humans. I didnt say Iranians are sub-humans. As far as I know most Iranians are just swell. I said Ahmadenijad is sub-human, and he is. And he is the enemy, regardless of your airy-fairy cartoon world you live in.

          Talk of "ending wars" and "living together in harmony" is all fine and dandy. But it shouldnt prevent you from seeing what is blindingly obvious to all but pacifist ideologues – there are douchebags like Ahmadenijad in many countries, and they dont want peace. And you will never have world peace until douchebags like him are dealt with, because as long as they exist, they will make war.

          Sorry for injecting so much reality for you – im sure it comes as a shock.

          • Iran doesn't have any nukes, nor are they going to.

            The world will never be rid of people who want to make war…agreed. So stop advocating for it.

            If you're so keen to fight with somebody, go join the military instead of pontificating on here.

          • Wow Im impressed that you know more about Iran's nuclear program than even the useless UN, the CIA, the Mossad and the European Union put together. You must have access to top notch intel to be able to suggest so confidently that Iran is never going to have nukes. Either that, or you're talking straight out of your @ss in order to conform "reality" with your Teletubbies approach to international relations.

            Im not advocating for war. Im advocating for standing up to genocidal religious fanatics with nukes. I know it sounds crazy, but Im not in favour of genocidal religious fanatics with nukes.

      • Alfanerd OK OK, we will start yet another war just to make you people happy again.

        You are in the military and ready to fight right? You DO have family in the military right?

        No? So you are just here to spread false propaganda and let others do God's work for you, because you are too good to put your life on the line? Umm. Ok.

  10. That's why Im proud of Canada on the international stage since Harper took over. He doesnt follow the politically correct script, calls a spade a spade, and he's not afraid of offending lunatics.

    • Yeah, the world has had a lot of people like that over the centuries.

      It always leads to war.

      • That's right. I forgot Neville Chamberlain had achieved "peace in our time". Seriously you should learn a bit about history before you talk about all this nonsense.

        Pretending there are no bad people in the world doesnt lead to peace.

        • Alfanerd there is a major flaw in your logic because Harper obviously has not offended YOU yet.

        • Stop blaming Chamberlain, or trying to pretend this is WWII.

          It could have been avoided….but there were folks around like you.

          Seriously, learn how to deal with your anger some other way.

          • Emily, If you read through this guy's propaganda trail you will realize what his real agenda is. People like him find it necessary to go spread vicious lies about countries and their leaders simply because they disagree with the theft of peoples land and homes through havoc and genocide and then calling the place "israel".

          • Yes I know. How horrible of me not to want to see this islamofascist annihilate millions of people with the push of a button. I must be racist or something, or maybe Im paid by Halliburton.

          • Harper's attitude of standing up to bullie does not lead to war. Your childish suggestion that it does is typical of the uneducated mindset of university students with one year of undergrad under their belt thinking they know everything even though they known nothing of even recent history. Puke. You probably have che guevara shirt.

            Pretending bad guys are actually good guys leads to war, or at least it leads to worst wars than if you deal with the bad guy at the outset. Chamberlain famously did not do that with Hitler. War with Hitler was inevitable, he was going to start it no matter what. Its a matter of when: after the guy builds up his army or before.

            Ahmadenijad clearly has the intention of building up his military capability. He needs to be dealt with. Its not a matter of whether there's going to be a war: there will be one. Only idiots like you who put their faith in the UN to spur some kind of global group hug who think otherwise. Its a matter of whether we fight the war on our terms or on Ahmadenijad's terms. The lives of millions of people depend on this. So the position you're advocating could directly lead to the death of millions. Think about this.

            Your cheap shot that "people like me" leads to war is so f*cking ridiculous, but clearly nothing is beneath you so Im not surprised.

  11. Walking out instead of countering point by point is intellectually lazy.