Canadian economy crawled forward by 0.3 per cent in August

GDP figures ward off recession fears but signal slow rebound


Canadian GDP grew for a third straight month in August, expanding by 0.3 per cent from July, signaling that the economy is not at risk of falling into recession, but that the country will likely see slow growth and a sluggish job market in coming months.Still, the result was better than analysts expected. “Today’s data implies stronger third-quarter growth than the 2 percent that the Bank of Canada had assumed in its most recent Monetary Policy Report,” Paul Ferley, assistant chief economist at Royal Bank of Canada, told Reuters. Most of the monthly growth is believed to be linked to a strong performance in the energy sector, particularly oil and gas extraction.


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Canadian economy crawled forward by 0.3 per cent in August

  1. This good news is going to have Lefties fuming.

    • 0.3% here compared to 2.5% in the US is good news?
      Well.. I suppose if what you support is CPC governance, 0.3% does seem like good news. Certainly better than usual for them.

      • Yes, 0.3% here is good news no matter who you compare it to. I fail to see how the US’ growth negatively impacts ours.

        I would take Canada’s current economy over the US’ every single time. I dont’ exactly see people and companies flocking to the US to take advantage of the economic growth there. 

        I support competent governance, not any particular brand. Unlike you lefties who get angry every time something good happens under certain parties.

        • I love it. You’re completely clueless as to how “not any particular brand,” conflicts with immediately branding a whole set of people into “you lefties”, aren’t you?

          Thanks for the day’s laugh.

          • Are you fuming yet? 

            I don’t favour any brand, party, ideology. That doesn’t reflect on the fact that you’re a leftie. I’m not even using it in a derogatory way. I’m just saying that people like you, who literally get agitated every time it’s suggested that a conservative policy/principle/person might have done something less than evil, are going to be agitated.

            Most countries on the planet Earth would take Canada’s economic record over the last 3 years, 3 quarters, 3 months, or 3 weeks. Because you’re a leftie, you just try to pick out and find the little negatives in it.

  2. This is going to continue for some time…until it gets worse.

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