Canadian Embassy refused to help alleged rape victim -

Canadian Embassy refused to help alleged rape victim

Government employee says she was assaulted by co-worker in Eastern Europe


Officials at a Canadian Embassy in Eastern Europe refused to help a Canadian federal employee collect video-evidence of her alleged rape. The young woman was traveling in Eastern Europe on official government business, when she says a co-worker sexually assaulted her in his hotel room. When the hotel would not give her the security tape containing footage of the alleged assault, she appealed to the Canadian Embassy for help, but they refused. The Foreign Affairs Department also refused to take action—until a month later, when the Justice Department wrote an official letter requesting cooperation. The Justice Department is now investigating a suspect. His identity is unknown to the public at this time.

The Chronicle Herald

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Canadian Embassy refused to help alleged rape victim

  1. Would being in his hotel room be equivalent to his being in her hotel room? If she had had him in her hotel room, would her charge of sexual assault hold more, or less, weight? Her charge against him says she was in his room when they were alone. She alleges assault; he alleges no assault occurred. I say he may or may not be guilty, but I also say she is guilty of being alone in his room with him and also guilty of claiming sexual assault against him. He is guilty only of being in his own room with her. (I would call him guilty of stupidity.)

    • Oh pul-lease, what a bunch of nonsense!

  2. Shame on the Canadian Embassy and Foreign Affairs Department!

  3. This is a “hush” campaign? Seems so to me when she is directed to “the maze” . However!
    Some of this story needs to be investigated as it can also be a blackmail scam or something like it.

    These stories belong in novels where no one has ripped out the pages. So who wrote this? So far this is only an allegation of wrong doing.

    If charges are filed by either it’s going to be uncomfortable for some.

    Does diplomatic immunaty have anything to do with this? Who’s