Canadian evacuation flight out of Libya is cancelled

UPDATE: Ottawa sending military plane to Libya


Ottawa is looking for an alternate way to get Canadian citizens out of Libya after a planned charter had to be cancelled when it could no longer be insured. The chartered plane had been set to leave Tripoli for Rome on Thursday morning. The federal government has so far declined to reveal how it will evacuate Canadians in Libya, but CTV News is reporting a military transport or an evacuation by sea could be in the works.

UPDATE: The federal government has ordered a C-17 military transport plane to fly fto Libya to evacuate Canadian passengers stuck in Tripoli.

CTV News

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Canadian evacuation flight out of Libya is cancelled

  1. So does that mean Canadian lives are worth less that one jet plane?

    • I think it means that charter airlines aren't in the business of risking their crew's lives.

  2. A simple solution would have been for the Feds to offer to cover losses directly related to the instability in Lybya if the insurance firm continued to offer all regular coverage. It would be hard for a company to turn that down without invoking the wrath of a nation.

    Meantime… how about letting the public know the name of the insurance company? We can then individually make an informed decision as to whether or not that company should get our business.

    • I am sure the government would have done exactly what you suggested Keith making me think that the charter company had second thoughts and used the lack of insurance as a reason to back out of the flight. It probably is not easy to find a pilot from a charter company to fly the jet when solders are shooting people in bread lines. Likely a Canadian military pilot will have to do the job.

      • As luck would have it the GG is in Rome with his plane – refueling for his Mid East tour.

        • It appears they are sending a C-17 instead.

          • From Germany. Wonder what planes Suncor used?

  3. 6.57pm: British officials are drawing up plans with Nato allies to rescue hundreds of international oil workers stranded in camps in the Libyan desert, the UK defence secretary Liam Fox has announced.

    Fox said there would be an "international co-ordinated effort" to retrieve the workers, including an estimated 170 Britons, under possible threat from armed gangs roaming the area.

    The minister, who discussed the situation with Nato secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, countries would help evacuate the citizens of other nations, not just their own.

    "We may be taking out citizens of other countries, other countries may be taking out UK citizens. The better we have it coordinated and de-conflicted, the better the chances of success."


    The much-delayed Foreign Office-chartered flight from Tripoli has delivered 132 British nationals to Malta from Tripoli, while another 51 were flown in on an RAF Hercules. Seventy-nine more landed at Gatwick on an aircraft chartered by oil giant BP.

  4. We should pay, to rescue a f–n french outfit, thats building torture establishments for one of the Worlds evilest bastards? Let the eat cake! Made from camel dung and flavored with Cargill artificial flavours!

  5. Lets see now… the cost of a C-17 and crew to fly to Libya and return… wouldn't it have been cheaper and safer to just cover the insurance for the flight to Rome? Who is in charge in Ottawa? Are they actually being PAID for making these decisions?

    • They are SNC-Lavalin employees, french! Let SNC start paying its own way! But they probably can't borrow the money with a BBB credit rating!

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