Canadian experts crack China-based spy ring -

Canadian experts crack China-based spy ring

Researchers say Twitter and email were used to steal sensitive data


The cyber spy ring, based in China, stole sensitive data from all around the world—it’s victims ranging from the Dalai Lama to the University of Western Ontario. This comes from a just-released report, “Shadow Network,” written by the Canadian researchers who helped crack the spy network. According to the report, China-based hackers breached dozens of computers using seemingly harmless programs like Twitter and email; then, they were able to steal highly sensitive files, including visa applications and confidential information about India’s missile systems. The study’s authors refrain from blaming the Chinese government directly, but acknowledge that the information could be have been sold to the state. Munk School director Ron Deibert took the opportunity of the report’s release to point out where Canada’s own cyber strategy falls short: “Unfortunately, Canada has no cyber security strategy, although one’s been promised for many years. We have no foreign policy for cyberspace either, which is mind boggling, considering how important this domain is for us.”

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Canadian experts crack China-based spy ring

  1. I cannot believe this was left to a private watchdog group. We in the West are utterly unprepared as a society for any kind of conflict. It's insane.

  2. Luckily, the story in the New York Times published a picture of the spies committing espionage against China, along with their names and workplaces. With car accidents so easy to arrange, we won't need to worry about these spies bothering any people in the world for much longer.

  3. The west better get wise real fast China will steal/bully/coerce or basically use any means to get what it wants.
    India is too soft a power to learn anything meaningful from such a well heeled attack that is goverment sponsered. You cannot do anything in china without the authorities being in the know everything else is hogwash. The only way to react to this is by resapective goverments shaming China in public. Loss of face