Canadian flag tattoos popular among Afghan insurgents

Oddly, maple leaf symbolizes “high quality”


Even as Afghan insurgents do their best to kill Canadian soldiers with roadside bombs, they are increasingly choosing Canadian flags for their new tattoos, reports Newsweek. Counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen says he began to notice the maple leaf tattooed on Afghan insurgents and set to find out why. Kilcullen learned that the flag has become linked to the Toyata Hilux pick-up truck, which is the vehicle of choice for those fighting the coalition. It turns out that a flood of counterfeit pick-ups had disappointed insurgents, until they learned to distinguish genuine Hiluxes by the Canadian flag on the back. (Those with the Canadian flag had been sent by the Canadian government.) As a result, the flag now symbolizes “high quality” to Afghan insurgents, says Kilcullen.


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Canadian flag tattoos popular among Afghan insurgents

  1. LOL globalization produces some lighter moments!

  2. Probably not the endorsement that Toyota was hoping for!

  3. maple leaf symbolizes “high quality”

    No listeria in Afghanistan, I guess?

  4. "Those with the Canadian flag had been sent by the Canadian government" – that's quintesence of all the help that is sent
    form western world to third world slum. Trucks sent by Canada are used to fight against Canada, that's what happens
    with most of the aid sent to mid-easst, Africa, Asia, etc…. They gladly takes our $$$ and the use it against us.
    Perhaps we should stop sending any aid since:
    1. we do have our own economic problems
    2. they hate us no matter whet we do.

  5. Insurgents sporting Canadian flag tattoo's is likely a diversion tactic, If they are picked up in in a Security sweep by NATO forces (insurgents don't wear uniforms) They could always show them the tattoo's and claim, ''Hey we are on your side, got the Flag Tattoo that proves it.!! '' Hey you just never know !

    • That's more like it.

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