Canadian flotilla ship detained in Crete -

Canadian flotilla ship detained in Crete

Greek authorities board vessel, prevent ship from breaking Israeli naval blockade


Greek authorities have intercepted a Canadian ship taking part in an aid flotilla bound for Gaza on Monday, forcing the vessel to return to port in Crete, Al Jazeera English reports. Activists aboard the Tahrir said they had hoped to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza in order to deliver aid, but the Greek coast guard boarded the ship boarded the ship 15 minutes out of Crete’s Aghios Nikolaos port before it could reach international waters. On Friday, Greece also prevented a U.S. ship, the Audacity of Hope, from leaving port. Activists have accused Greek authorities of participating in the Israeli blockade of Gaza, after authorities have blocked most of the vessels recently bound for Gaza.

Al Jazeera English

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Canadian flotilla ship detained in Crete

  1. A number of media outlets have identified the Tahrir as a Canadian ship.  This implies that it has the support of endorsement of Canada as a country or Canadians citizens.  Neither is the case.  This is a group of terror supporters without legitimacy and without support from anyone in Canada. 

    The media, in particular Canadian media including Maclean’s should identify them solely as “the instigator ship Tahrir”.
    Congrats to Greece and all its citizens for having the courage do what is right.

  2. Why don’t the activists take their “symbolic” aid to Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon or any other country where the leaders are killing their own people. Just what the Middle East does not need more busy bodies interfering in their affairs. Israel is the one sane country in the region. They even let women drive!!! 

  3. Great – now we have a bunch of morons bringing this attention to Canada. I hope the world doesn’t think that we support the fools on this ship.