Canadian Forces capturing children in Afghanistan -

Canadian Forces capturing children in Afghanistan

Defence minister was briefed about young detainees suspected of helping the Taliban


According to a newly released secret document obtained under an Access to Information request, the Canadian Forces have for years been arresting children suspected of colluding with the Taliban. The kids were then handed over to Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security, which has in the past been accused of torture (an issue that was hotly debated in Parliament last fall). The document also shows that Defence Minister Peter MacKay has been briefed on the topic of juvenile detainees, which included information about how many children suspected of “participating in the insurgency” have been arrested by Canadian Forces in the last four years. Specific figures were blacked out of the document.

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Canadian Forces capturing children in Afghanistan

  1. Maybe send them to GITMO so Omar can have some playmates.

    • You wouldn't last an hour in GITMO you pathetic lump of dirt.

      • right on

  2. or we can talk about the topic? like how canadians are handing over children to possible torture methods? Or the fact children are helping the taliban? What can they do anyways? handing children over to gitmo would be sadistic, plus I dont think its possible

  3. Any virtue that the Conservative Party may have had has been diminished by the addition of Fantino. He is not a nice person.

  4. I never conceived of living in a country whose government would be so cruel and be so willing to lie about it.

    • So what are your suggestions bepele, if you see children planting or carrying bombs and spying will you:
      a) send them to Oprah (with the bombs still attached) ?
      b) send them to Pakistan?
      c) send them to Iran?
      d) Let Angelina Jolie adopt them?
      e) give them money and ask them to plant more bombs and give them free tour of military baracks so they could spy and report back to taliban concisely?
      f) give them to the Afghan government, who lately been busy releasing captured high and low ranking Taliban combatants free?

      Choices are so many, if one is so politically correct and sitting safely in a cushioned chair. Or you could move to Iran, Pakistan, or any Middle Eastern countries, they might be more benevolent there than Canada.

        • Before you become so smug in your self righteousness and moral superiority, then you might like to read under Petrous blog, I commented exactly that solution. If you are a soldier on patrol, you actually could not bring and baby sit with you taliban child soldiers, who could blow you and your company up while you are busy facing the enemy, so you have no choice but hand them to the authority of the land. Pressure should be placed on Afghan government or UN to establish civilian run rehabilitation centers in there. Soldiers already have enough on their plates to be in charge of baby sitting too. We might not like the current Afghan government but they are the only government in Afghanistan, so we are forced to deal with them. We are not there to colonize Afghanistan, are we?

          • Wait why are we in Afghanistan again?

    • Well, you ain't seen nothing yet, should this Harper government get the majority it desires, Harper edict; "When I'm done, you won't recognize Canada." Will take on a whole new meaning.

  5. "Participating in the insurgency"…against who exactly? Their oppressors? This foreign country and others occupying their homeland? It's so deeply wrong what we are doing there in the first place. Simply imagine that you were a child living in an occupied Canada that has experienced the deaths of so many innocents at the hands of the occupiers, perhaps and most likely even someone close to you or that you at least know. How can we arrest children for participating in an "insurgency" that isn't even criminal? Considering we were brought along for this little ride by a nation with an unbelievable amount of ulterior motives and a history of human right's abuses, how can we expect to stand for something more just, while at the same time holding their hand? The only way to keep Canadians safe and keep Canadian hand's free of blood (Oh right….middle eastern blood on American hand's….THAT's why 9/11 happened! Now I remember!) is to let go of the bloodied and decrepit hand we so desperately hold on to.

    Edit: You guys mind explaining why I'm downvoted to -4? I don't see what was incorrect about my statement.

    • Probably more rightwing bigots voting here than at some posts.

  6. afghans are warriors from birth