Canadian Forces cleared of all abuse allegations -

Canadian Forces cleared of all abuse allegations

Military police says it investigated a dozen complaints over four years, found no evidence of mistreatment


The Canadian Forces Military Police says it has investigated about a dozen allegations of prisoner mistreatment by Canadian troops in Afghanistan since 2006 but uncovered no credible evidence any abuse occurred. The only ongoing investigation dates back to 2008; however, investigators say Canadian Forces members have already been “cleared regarding mistreatment of detainees” and that their work is now focused on “other remaining allegations.” While there is no evidence Canadian Forces were ever engaged in the abuse of detainees, a Parliamentary Committee is still looking at claims prisoners transferred to Afghan authorities were abused by their Afghan handlers.

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Canadian Forces cleared of all abuse allegations

  1. Bad news for the Liberals, they were hoping our Armed Forces were charged with war crimes. I bet this doesn't keep Wherry from posting at least a dozen more blogs about it though.

  2. The CFNIS as been critizied by many within the Military and Civillian populations. They call into question, their ability to properly investigate crimes as well as the obvious problem that the military police investigating their own. We have problems in all of our police forces concerning abuse and discriminitaion. It may a small percentage than that of other countries, but it exists. To believe our Government and Generals that our screening process for is impervious to bad apples is simply naive!!
    We need the Military Complaints Commission and Parliament Committes to sort it all out. Or if the stonewalling continues a full public enquiry. This announcement by no means gives us a pass with the International Criminal Court. My hope is the rank and file do not shoulder the blame, like in Somalia. It's the commanders and ministers that should sit in the docket in the Hague.

    • Who said there was any stonewalling?

      • The Military Complaints Commision and The Afghanistan Parliamentary Committee. Do You follow Ottawa?