Canadian government infiltrated by spies, CSIS director says -

Canadian government infiltrated by spies, CSIS director says

Intelligence agency suspicious of two provincial cabinet ministers


At least two provincial cabinet ministers and a number of other government officials and employees are under the control of foreign countries as part of espionage schemes, Canada’s top security official said in an exclusive interview on CBS’s The National. CSIS director Richard Fadden would not name the provinces the cabinet ministers are from, but said foreign powers are infiltrating Canadian political circles and influencing public servants, raising concerns about economic espionage in Canada. Economic espionage, the trading, sharing or theft of federal secrets, can be considered a crime. A report that accompanied the interview said about five countries are casting their hands into Canadian politics, including China and some countries in the Middle East. Fadden said in the interview that these countries may target university students and influence them early on in their careers, keeping in touch with them and eventually providing money and covert guidance. He added the CSIS is closely watching these politicians.

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Canadian government infiltrated by spies, CSIS director says

  1. I'm not going to complain about CSIS doing their job, but it seems strange that they would go on TV and let everyone know that they're investigating some provincial cabinet ministers.
    Obviously if CSIS doesn't think it's big a deal, it probably isn't one. But I'd jut like to understand the rationale behind it.

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    • It seems strange to me too. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

  2. CSIS should name these politicians and bureaucrats. Treason is against the law and these people should be charged for their crimes.

  3. Apparently the interview was given months ago…..the CBC just sat on the story until the G8. Anything to make life difficult for the conservatives. Typical CBC Tactics.

    • Are God knows … making life difficult for the Dictator Steve's Conservatives should be made into a punishable offence !!!

  4. B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell called Fadden's comments “unprecedented and completely unprofessional,'” adding that he had heard nothing of the allegations before the CSIS director spoke to the CBC.

    I find it unprecedented that Campbell is still Premier of B.C. It is not out of the realm of possibility that some B.C politicians are using there poltical status to better their lot in life seeing that Campbell beat an impaired charge he received while driving with twice the legal limit of alchohol while on vacation in Hawaii. Campbell should be the last one wagging his finger and accusing anyone of malfeasance. Your average citizen would have done jail time.

  5. BC people, are suspicious of Campbell, that has been cemented in our minds for a very long time. Mill workers have seen Campbell costing them, 30,000 job losses. Mills were shipped to China, our raw logs are shipped there as well, BC mill people, don't even get the processing jobs. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, are fighting to bring in, dirty oil tankers from China, into our pristine coastal sea. That Campbell, accuses anyone of being unprofessional, is the chuckle of the month. Does he think, the corrupt sale of the BC Rail, was professional? Is it professional to have the highest number, of children living in poverty? How professional is it, to have the lowest minimum wage of, $8.00 per hour? Campbell, was REALLY professional, when he tore up contracts, resulting in, the dirtiest hospitals, full of super bugs. Campbell and Hansen, were sooo professional, when they used, lies, deceit and cheated to, ensure Campbell, would be re-elected. Campbell, is the most corrupt, S.O B, along with his henchmen also, the worst government, in Canadian history. Fadden only spoke of, what the BC people have known all along. Fadden, apologize to Campbell? We will rip Fadden's heart out, if he does, apologize.

  6. we all feel badly as Canadians, at least most people who just want to live a stressless life. People involved in government jobs, B. C. hydro jobs think so different : they reap all the luxury of benefits, good medical, good holidays, security, all the good stuff, even PENSIONS.
    The ordinary Joe, well he don,t get the luxuries . He,s lucky to get lunch and coffee breaks, but don,t complain, we let the government destroy the unions , our only line of defence. Enjoy what we can is all we can do.