Canadian home prices are on the rise—but just barely

Increase not as big as analysts expected


New home prices in Canada rose 0.1 per cent in December, short of the 0.2 per cent increase predicted by analysts in a Reuters poll. Four of the 21 cities surveyed by Statistics Canada saw house prices rise, including Halifax, Toronto and Oshawa. However, prices fell in eight other cities. The biggest decreases were recorded in Windsor, Montreal and Quebec City. The housing market has cooled since the Bank of Canada raised interest rates and the government tightened mortgage rules.

Vancouver Sun

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Canadian home prices are on the rise—but just barely

  1. Bubble.

  2. I disagree that housing prices are in a bubble. The amount of homes sold in the last few months has been declining yet selling price was still increasing.

    Buyer are finally realizing their increased market power and not bidding up the price of homes any more. There may be a slight decrease in the price of home over the next year. But their will be no bursting bubble, just stability.

  3. Obviously a real estate agent could never admit that there is a bubble forming.

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