Canadian in Saudi Arabia has death sentence overturned

In jail since 2007, Montreal’s Mohamed Kohail will get a new trial


Mohamed Kohail, a 24-year-old Montreal man, has had his death sentence revoked by Saudi’s supreme court. The former student was convicted of murdering a 19-year-old in a schoolyard brawl. Kohail, who’s been in jail since 2007, would have been beheaded. But the court overturned the rulings of two lower courts and ordered a new trial. Meanwhile, Kohail’s younger brother Sultan, is also in jail over the same incident. His case has recently been transferred from juvenile to adult court. Both brothers immigrated to Canada in 2000, but returned to Saudi Arabia in 2006 when a family member became ill.


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Canadian in Saudi Arabia has death sentence overturned

  1. Another Canadian of Convenience in a jam back home in their actual home country.

  2. Don't you mean a Saudi Arabian who happens to have Canadian citizenship ???

  3. Enough about lower-case "c" canadians.

  4. it's interesting that in the 21st century they still want to chop people's heads off…the middle east is kind of like the way europe was several centuries ago

  5. Hardly sounds like a "schoolyard brawl"

  6. Yawn…In other news…Another Tiger Woods waitress mistress found.

  7. Not these two. Saudi's with a Canadian passport. I read a great book by an american paramedic that worked for king abdullah. The book is called "Paramedic to the Prince" a real keen insight into saudi arabia

  8. These lower-case "c"canadian are not only immigrants but they are the major contributor in the development of Canada, please see your hospitals and other research insitutes you will see these people working hard.