Canadian journalists banned from Gitmo

Pentagon prevents several reporters from reporting on the Khadr hearings


Four journalists, including three Canadians, have been banned by the U.S. Department of Defense from reporting on Guantanamo Bay. The four reporters, who had been reporting on the pre-trial hearing of Omar Khadr, are Michelle Shephard from the Toronto Star, Steven Edwards (Canwest), Paul Koring (Globe and Mail) and Carol Rosenberg (Miami Herald). The Pentagon, which issued the order that they would not be allowed to return to the base, says that the reason is that each of these reporters published the name of a witness at the hearing. Though it has been noted that they are not the only reporters who published the name. Their news organizations are not barred from sending new reporters to replace them, but the banned reporters are among the most experienced and knowledgeable on Gitmo and the Khadr case.

Washington Independent

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Canadian journalists banned from Gitmo

  1. interesting. Koring, if I am not mistaken, is a recent award winner for some of his work.

  2. This was music to my ears. Some of these folks are so into their own sense of piousness that they assume that other nations will instantly see the light when they write from the top of Mount Pious. Michelle Shepherd has flipped out over Omar Khadar, and like other Toronto Star writers, doesn't seem the least bit moved whenever we learn that one of our kids has been killed by the Taliban.

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