Canadian man arrested in connection with airplane bomb threat -

Canadian man arrested in connection with airplane bomb threat

Swedish police report no explosives have been found


A plane en route from Toronto to Pakistan has landed abruptly in Stockholm, Sweden after Canadian police informed the pilot that a man carrying explosives may be on board. The Pakistani International Airlines Boeing 777 carried about 250 passengers. “A woman called police from a payphone in Canada and told Canadian police about the man. She said the man may have had explosives, but he passed security checks,” said Stockholm district police spokesman Janne Hedlund. The man is said to be of Pakistani descent but carrying a Canadian passport. There were no injuries and no explosives have been discovered.

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Canadian man arrested in connection with airplane bomb threat

  1. Arrest the women!

    • Well, arrest the woman, sure. But arresting all women is overkill, don't you think?

      • LOL…I read the above comment twice before it clicked…You have an eye for detail……

      • We know about your unreported crimes, Jenn.

  2. was just sent a video showing a 12 year old girl being stoned to death-looks like a Pakistani tribe to me. hope the u.s. finally cuts all aid to those animals. let china invade the middle east, so Islamofascists can feel what it's like to be truly occupied, like what Jihadists did through 1400 years against Christian, Zoroastrian , Jewish and Hindu lands.
    religion of peace my ass

    • "Looks like a Pakistani tribe to me"

      What? How can you tell by looking at a video whether people are from Pakistan or anywhere else? What, were they all wearing "Product of Pakistan" T-shirts or something?

  3. More like keep checking the plane for a bomb! Then check the guy's house in Canada! Then check out who this woman is and what is her relationship to the guy on the plane. How would she know? What more does she know?

  4. BarBarry indeed

  5. Could it also be a Terrorist cell looking for weak spots in the Security system…If a device could make it from point A to point B undetected.. then it could also make the same trip in reverse…Just a thought .

    • While reading the comments I believe you had the one with the most common sense

  6. Could it be the lady is pissed with the man and there NEVER was any threat, except in her head?

    I don't know what the answer is, but it would be a shame if all it takes is a loser who knows how to dial 9-1-1 from a payphone to interrupt commercial air travel. A hoax threat of violence is not vastly different from a real threat of violence in its impact.

    Scenario: my good buddy still owes me fifty bucks. He's got dark skin, so I'll REALLY get his attention the next time he flies off to visit his ma if I make some anonymous call to the RCMP. Repeat a couple of times every week. Ugh.

    • When we heard about it this weekend we both thought, separately, that it could be a disgruntled, to say it mildly, ex-girlfriend.

  7. Boy, all you conspirators
    should get together and write a movie.

    • I can not speak for the others, but for myself I prefer ''Realist ''

  8. 'Canadian' man? I don't think so if he's trying to bomb an airliner. Regardless of what passport he holds.

    Terrorists are Muslims first, their country of origin second, whatever else in between, and Canadians last.

  9. Just another "Canadian" Cittizen of Convenience from Pakistan/Afghanistan/Palestine/ect….
    We will need soon visas to go anywhere since world is realizing that Canada is becoming an international sewage, a heaven-like destination for all kinds of scum ….

  10. There were NO arrests at all, jeez louize macleans, get the headline right at least.