Canadian man in wheelchair attacked in Australia -

Canadian man in wheelchair attacked in Australia

Vicious assault caught on tape


A wheelchair-bound Canadian living in Australia is in hospital after being badly beaten by two teenagers. The 35-year-old, whose name has not been released, was boarding an elevator at a Sydney train station Tuesday night when the attack began. The teens, now under arrest, knocked him out of his chair, punched and kicked him repeatedly, and hit him with metal bars. The shocking beating was caught on tape by surveillance cameras. “He is a wonderful, kind, generous individual,” said the man’s girlfriend, Kristin Sharrock. “He’s been through a lot in his life and he doesn’t deserve what’s happened.” Reached in Winnipeg, the man’s mother said her son broke his back in a snowmobile accident—just one month before his father was killed in an identical accident.

ABC News Australia

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Canadian man in wheelchair attacked in Australia

  1. the trains in sydney/ melbourne are infested w/ cowardly youth who routinely pull stunts such as these. Unfortunately, just as in Canada, the Aussie justice system lacks teeth and little will happen to the two 16yr old offenders.

    • Sad….and true!

  2. put the little knobs in prison with the real criminals ..also sue their parents

  3. I am a Canadian born in Toronto and I'm disgusted with the news about the disabled man attacked by 3 teenage knobs. They should be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. The only thing I do not understand is why the world is in shock now,where as at least 10 students from India was killed in Australia in what appeared to be racially motivated attacks against people from India and its been going on for at least a year. In the latest news, a toddler, son of an Indian student was killed. Why wasn't the world in shock then? Do more bodies need to pile up before the Australian Govt does some thing about it?

    • Hey, I'm in Australia and I haven't heard anything about any students killed in racial attacks. I did hear about the death of that toddler, and did you know that an Indian has confessed to doing it?

  4. You'll all be pleased to know that one of those teens, now faces the possibility of deportation back to New Zealand over this.