Canadian political parties in a rut: pollster -

Canadian political parties in a rut: pollster

Year-end survey shows 32% support for Tories, 26.5% for Liberals


An end-of-year poll shows the Tories with 32 per cent support, the Liberals with 26.5 per cent, and the NDP with 17.1 per cent. Meanwhile, the Greens are at 10.9 percent and the Bloc Québécois at 10.6 per cent. “This is a bad poll for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives,” said pollster Frank Graves. “It is a downright awful poll for Michael Ignatieff and it’s a pretty indifferent poll for Jack Layton’s NDP.” The EKOS poll further shows that women and under-40 voters are restlessly casting around for anyone but the Conservatives, and that there is no majority government in sight. “Canadian federal politics is clearly in a rut,” Graves said.

The Globe and Mail

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Canadian political parties in a rut: pollster

  1. Agreed….the last 3 polls show much the same.

    Nobody likes anybody.

    • Or no-one is hated enough.
      Incumbents are tossed more often than challengers win.
      There's no warm fuzzy feelings about our current government but it seams there's no active hatred either.
      … Unless you count the occasional localized protest movement but we don't.

      • I think people are mostly just numb.

      • There are more than enough anti-Harper types to turf them, if only there was ANYBODY else presenting a coherent alternative vision and showing signs of leadership. One truly big gaffe, or signs of consistency and leadership from Iggy, and Harper's history.

        • Then call Dear Leader Iggy and have him removed. Why not? Because he has no support in the rest of Canada, as is your situation.

          • Why do you think I said "if only there was ANYBODY else presenting a coherent alternative vision and showing signs of leadership"? Clue in, boy; you're making us Newfs look bad.

      • Hatred is an ugly word, but extreme dislike for the conservative party sums up my sentiments perfectly. Scandel-ridden, incompetant, spendthrift, internationally embarrassing, domestically divisive, what is to like?

        • Hatred is an ugly word, but extreme dislike for the liberal party sums up my sentiments perfectly. Scandel-ridden, incompetant, spendthrift, internationally embarrassing, domestically divisive, what is to like?

        • It's too easy to dislike. You can still respect the government (or parts) that you dislike. A hated Government gets disrepected to election totals that take a decade to recover from. This government for what it's worth isn't there yet.
          It wouldn't matter who your third term MP is if you develop a loathing for the ones in power. Could be the best MP your constituency has ever had but if they're a member of the wrong party, they lose. That's the tipping point that could create conditions that lead to a party capturing a majority.

        • Hatred is an ugly word. Precisely the word I would use in respect to Liberals and their useless party!

  2. maybe they should stand for something other than re-election

    • People should threaten to vote too. Might scare them into trying to get our attention.

  3. Any surprise? They are virtually the same with very few differences. Both profer to 'help' the middle class but the Liberals do nothing but cater to the left which includes that huge mney drain, government workers and special itnerest groups. Taxpayers be damned. Conservatives are even worse. Whilst professing to care about the middle class they dump them in a New York minute in hopes of securing taditional Liberal voters to further their cause. Between special interest groups and government workers the the rich, the real taxpayers are constantly left out in the cold. Absolutely no one to represent them so no reason to vote. Think, when was the last time government actually did something, either socially or economically, to 'help' those that pay the bills. I can't. Even their laws are designed for more intrusive govenrment.

    • Everybody pays taxes.

  4. does anyone really believe the green party is getting 11 percent of the vote? i have a hard time with that in these polls. other polls show them more about 4%. 11 percent is a colossal bleed from (presumably) the libs and ndp.
    I have always wondered how 11% of the population is that green yet would keep supporting the green party in a situation where we have probably the most green-skeptic government the country is ever going to have in a minority government with a razor thin margin of victory…

    • It does seem high and this is what I meant by polls all over the place.

      Dec. 07/10
      Nanos/Globe and Mail: "Cluster" Strategy Puts Tories On Track For Majority
      The Tories are seven points ahead of the Liberals – 38.1% support nationally compared to 31.2%. The NDP is at 17.2%; the Green Party has the support of only 3.2% of Canadians and the Bloc is at 10. 2%


      Dec. 11/10
      Ipsos Reid/Postmedia News and Global TV: Conservatives Open 10-Point Lead
      The Conservatives are supported by 39% of decided voters, up four points from a month ago. Liberals remain at 29%. The NDP would garner 12% of the vote; the Green Party 9%


      Dec. 15/10
      Canadian Press/Harris-Decima: Tories & Liberals Locked In Statistical Tie
      Conservatives and Liberals appear to be ending the year the same way they started it — in a dead heat. The Tories have the support of 31% of Canadians, statistically tied with the Liberals at 29%

      • Correction the first two polls are within margin of error, the last one is an outlier. You have no idea how to read polls do you!

        • It seems fairly simple to me but I could be wrong. The original point was that 9% for the Greens seemed high. My point is that one poll has them at 3.2 the other at 9%, therefore polls were all over the place. Did I miss something?

  5. On the polls, with no significant event in this last month, they have been all over the place. Not sure if it has to do with ''kick ass'' egg nogg in the kitchens across the land.

    ''In a rut'' is also a strong statement, and depending on the affiliations of the scribe, the word comfortable could have been used instead.

  6. This whole friggin country is in a rut! It is being run by morons out of Quebec and Ontario by the slimmest of margins, and they couldn't care less what the other 2/3rds of the country thinks. As an Albertan I have more in common with the Texans and Americans than I do with the feminists, fwenchmen and fools that infest ontario and quebec. I have even less in common with the elderly hippies, homosexuals and socialists that coagulate in BC. Screw you Canada – time you started paying your own way…time to bust this country up, it doesn't work anymore…

    • Really? Then move to Texas.

      What cave ya been living in Jim Bob. The good ol'e boys from Alberta have been running this country for the past 5 years. We have a record deficit and $150 billion added to our national debt. If that is Albertan fiscal conservatism then I'll take a bleeding heart Liberal any day.

      Grow up…your me, me, me attitude and incessent whining is getting old.

      • Agree; Albertans are daily sounding more and more like the Quebecois they love to hate.

        • Nah. Alberta is my home, not yours – and I am tired of eastern liberal lickspitlles using it like their personal ATM. If you canukistani idiots think you are in debt now, just wait until Alberta seperates and you have to pay your own bills!

          • Ooh; I can imagine how nasty you'll get when I tell you I'm a Newf. Got any juicy comments on how we're taking all the jobs and ruining Alberta for the true Albertans?

            BTW… you proved my point with your comment, you Albertois, you… go ahead and yell it out: "Vive la Alberta libre!"

    • I spent 25 years in Alberta. I have concluded that Alberta is no place for a human being to live. A feeling that was validated again by big Jim here. Maybe Jim you should move to Texas. Maybe you could just hitch up your horse and covered wagons and gather as many similar minded Albertans as would like to follow.

      • Every time that Harper rattles off in french first, no matter where he is, he loses ground. The question is why? Is he trying to prevent peaking too soon? Certainly he couldn'y believe this country will ever support the french? It really puzzles me. If Iggy ever swung to supporting the Country, by telling the french to stuff it. He would be the next Prime Minister. Hell, like Ford, anybody who would stand up for the rest of Canada would win a majority. Otherwise Jim is 100% right.

  7. EKOS, Liberal polling agent. Enough said. Why do the vast majority of polling agencies in Canada skew their results to favor the Libs as much as possible. Try polling outside of Tronna for a change!

  8. Canadian politics is pretty much doomed for blandness as any political leader that truly wants to change the country immediately will isolate his/herself from the majority of voters. Canada is a country that has reached a crossroads, change in how we do business,how we educate, how we care for the sick is all up for a change but NO politician is willing to talk about it as they see that as losing votes. We live in the greatest country in the world and when that happens no one is willing to make any sacrifices and wants it to remain just as it is even if the current system is unsustainable.

  9. Same church, different pews, the Conservatives instantly turn on their supporters in hopes of wooing leftists after every election. Not worth the gas money to vote.