Canadian sentenced to death in Iran -

Canadian sentenced to death in Iran

Charges linked to development of ‘adult’ website


Iranian-born Canadian Saeed Malekpour has reportedly been sentenced to death in Tehran. According to a Canadian Press report, the 35-year-old web developer’s conviction is linked to a program he made for what turned out to be an adult website. Malekpour was charged of “taking action against national security by designing and moderating adult content websites,” “agitation against the regime” and “insulting the sanctity of Islam.” Earlier this year, Malekpour penned an open letter to Iranian officials alleging forced confessions and torture. Malekpour’s supporters have sent a petition to the House of Commons in the hope that Ottawa will appeal the Iranian government and secure Malekpour’s release.

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Canadian sentenced to death in Iran

  1. Below "Canadian Prostitution Laws in Limbo," and now this.

  2. Wow !!…this guy before me "Jim" is a real piece of work….by definition, i am sure you "Jim" are not 'Canadian' either unless you are Native…just as this man came from Iran to settle in Canada, so did your family at some point in time….So careful with your term "foreigner" because you are one too…

    He is not trying to stir up trouble, he created something that was used for something he had no idea about. If you are a manufacturer of a item that ends up being used for a different purpose, it should not be held against you or him in this case. Its unfortunate that Iran has such harsh rules etc, and its even more unfortunate that bigits like you "Jim" still exist. Get with the times Jim unless you are too "stupid" to understand or handle that…

    We are all part of the same human race, we should fight for eachother especially at times like this. If we are not decent or try to look out for eachother on this planet, what do we have left…..

    • HI KEving, Im Roberto, could you please tell me if the law can solve this problem which is mentioned on the text ( him being sentenced to death) If so how? if not why not?
      p.s IM diong a project so please i need help for this since i chose this article.

  3. First off, what ever way you look at it, the death penalty is a pretty nasty sentence, having said that , this fellow is 35 years old and of Iranian decent, he obviously knows the Laws of the land, but deliberately goes out of his way to ''Agitate and Insult '' the sanctity of the Grand Poobahs are really pissed off at this moron and are probably going to execute him. It is not as if he was Joe tourist and made honest mistake, this guy apparently, deliberately and knowingly broke the law . Good luck Saeed, your going to need it !

    • What part of "forced confessions and torture" did you not understand?

      • All I'm saying is, you would sort of figure that a guy,35 years old, born and educated in Iran would know the do's and don'ts of the country…as a computer programer you should know whats legal and whats not …yes ??? Forced confessions and torture…''UNacceptable ''…but if your going to screw around in a country like Iran, what do you expect ?? Thats what they do over there, and the do it well….In no way do I find this acceptable, but you toss a match in a gas can and what happens ???….Just saying….

        • What do you mean by "screwing around"? If he was simply doing programming work for a client, and the client didn't tell him they were a porn site– is that even true?– then he innocent. Again, this is likely a complete fabrication, because What part of "forced confessions and torture" did you not understand?

    • HI, Im Roberto, could you please tell me if the law can solve this problem which is mentioned on the text ( him being sentenced to death) If so how? if not why not?
      p.s IM diong a project so please i need help for this since i chose this article.

  4. In addition to my previous post, Jim so clearly writes " Canadian's dont go around provoking people for the hell of it"…WHAT A JOKE…So for example i guess Natives handed over the country with no problem right?? it didnt take a lot of them loosing their lives by fighting or by Europeans purposly infecting them with diseases… provoking there i guess eh Jimbo …or should i continue with other negative influences "Canadian's" have had like slavery etc ??

    I am saying this not because I dont like Canada, as a matter of fact I love this country, I am saying this so people can understand that extreem guvernments and situations dont only occur in places like Iran..

    its narrow minded people like Jim and the officials in Iran that make this world that much more difficult to live in

  5. Jim hit a right nail.
    We have so many immigrants who come here from third world, looking for the freedom from oppresion they faced back home.
    But they go back home as soon as they receive a Canadian passport!
    The scale of this proceder was shown in full during las evacuation of "Canadians" from Lebanon not so long time ago.

    Come to Canada as immigrant or refugee. Stay only long enough to get passport and be legible for healthcare/welfare and then fly back to home to figh in war !!! When they got into trouble they wave canadian passport and demand Canada to rescue them (and spend tax payers $$)
    This has to be stopped. There has to be implemented a significant change in immigration regulations, otherwise Canada will become a third world slum!
    No matter how retarded is ismao-facist regime in Iran, this dude got into trouble on his own wish.

    • Jonathan, your points are spoken like a true right wing red neck. A good portion of the richest (most successful) people in Canada, are not of "Canadian" decent and have immigrated here at some point, if not them then their families (as did every other family in Canada EXCEPT natives). These successful immigrants bring a tremendous amount of jobs and aid to the Canadian economy. Who are you or anyone else to complain that immigrants are receving healthcare?? I am sure the $50k your making a year Johathan does not fund the entire healthcare system, and considering this country has such a vast amount of types of ethnicities within it, the immigrants are paying as much or more into taxes as "Canadians". Have you ever looked at the homeless on the streets Jonathan??? how often do you seen a middle eastern or indian or chinese begger???? 99.99% of the time THEY ARE CAUCASION, of "Canadian" decent. But its ok to beg to people for money for booz and some food, but immigrants coming here to work hard is a problem cause they get to see a doctor….smarten up….

      • And the fact people want to return to their home countries to visit does not mean that are going to fight a war, some people have family values and roots they care to maintain. Dont even try to open up the can of worms Jonathan about any kind of influence "Canadians" have had if it be evacuating Canadians from Lebanaon or being asked to be rescued, because North America as a whole has just as much a negative impact internationally as positive.

        Immigrants is what sustains and imporves this country, and will continue to do so, unless someone like Jim or Jonathan some how finds a way to buy themself into power within the guvernment, cause I am sure there "intellectual" views wont get them there…..

        • its unfortunate that people like Jonathan and Jim dont seem to care for other humans. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or whatever, we are all put on this planet by a higher power and should look out for eachother and not take selfish approaches in life. Like Muhammad Ali said "YOU NEVER LOOK DOWN AT SOMEONE UNLESS YOUR TRYING TO HELP THEM UP" so get off your high horses Jonathan and Jim, we are all going to share this planet if you like it or not.

        • How about Tamils who day after they apply for refugee status fly back home for holidays?
          How about Afghanis who drive taxi in Winter in Canada and then spend Winter with Taliban ?
          You see, leftist propaganda indoctrinated us that we do always need immigrants no matter where they come from and what they do after arrival.
          There are significant difference between immigrant who comes here to start a better life and to offer a valuable input into local society and immigrant who come here just to milk a welfare system for himself and his three wives.

      • Kevin, your points are spoken like a true post-Trudeupian leftist. Society is build based on quality of immigrants rather than their quantity.
        Although we can not deny that hard working group of new comers does increase overall wealth of society, we can close eye on rapidly growing group of immigrants who come here just to get passport, welfare and free health care. Due to leftist family reunion program an average age of newcomer raised to 50+. How do u think, how long can they work? How do you think, where $$ for their retirement will come from?
        Evacuation of "Canadians" from Lebanon clearly shown how bad things are. We have a vast number of ppl. who only hold a Canadian passport but has nothing to do with Canada.
        Our ridiculous immigration system together with weak law enforcement and neo-fascist CHRC created very dangerous
        catalysis for deterioration of Canadian values.
        ps. Do you know how much money was thrown into homeless problem? You could build a small town for that pile of cash. the only reason we do still have homeless is that ppl who "work" on homeless problem do nothing to solve this problem. If this problem is gone then existence of those bureaucrats would not be necessary….wouldn't be…

  6. its clear that canadian citizenship is being abused for personal means. but just because some people are doing this, doesnt mean there arnt human beings who need it and are using it to be productive and helpful to canadians. Just because of guy ended up screwing the system and getting screwed by iran, doesnt mean every immagrant that comes here does that? comon people, dont be ignorant.

  7. Cherry-picking one fellow who got into trouble may be a right thing to do but it is not gonna solve the larger problem of human rights abuse in countries that are run by islamo-facis regimes. There has to be a firm stand out of western world against barbaric primitive practices in third world.
    I don't remember for example when last time woman-right activists protested against stoning in Afghanistan, Pakistamn or Saudi Arabia.
    I can't recall whan last time gay-right activists protested against hanging gays in Iran and Saudi.
    I don't remember when United Nations protested against slavery in Sudan and Somalia practiced by Arabs
    If Western World does not wake up and stand against flood of primitive barbarism, our children will have to live grow in slum full of mosqs, hanged gays, woman in burquas and sharia police partoling streets.

  8. You people just do not get it. Immigrants of today are not like the immigrants of yesterday. They do not come to this country to make a better life for their children and assimilate into Canadian society. They expect us to change our laws and create a society like they have in their home country but with all the benefits of living in Canada. Unfortunately, this creates racial prejudice. Our government had better wake up and smell the coffee before we do not have a country left. We are not like the Americans that expect their immigrants to assimilate and become good Americans and we also do not have the population that they have to protect us from being overrun by immigrants with a totally different background. These people come from very violent societies with very different morals and beliefs.

    • That is very true…nothing to add.

  9. Forgive me if I don't weep at the injustice of it all.

    But this guy isn't a 'Canadian', he is another friggin foreigner that went back to the home country to stir up trouble and got busted for it. He is a citizen of convenience trying to draw us in to yet another chit fight with a rogue nation that isn't worth the time of day.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you're too stupid to handle that, stay home. Canadians don't go around provoking people for the hell of it.

    • You are right.
      We have change immigration regulations to stop the food of ppl. from third word slum who come here only to get CAD passport and then fly back home.

    • Hi JIm, Im Roberto, could you please tell me if the law can solve this problem which is mentioned on the text ( him being sentenced to death) If so how? if not why not?
      p.s IM diong a project so please i need help for this since i chose this article.

    • Hey Jim …you already posted this Yesterday…lol….

    • Jim you a dick, Mate you are a Foreigner, your proplr came to Canada and killed my family and stole our land, Get over yourself.

  10. A great example of 'immigrants' abusing the Canadian citizenship is quitre present in Vancouver. The Chinese population there invite Chinese women, to come deliver their baby in Vacouver. Once thats done, their newborn has access to free healthcare and all that..but the funny thing is..they just fly back to China…You see what the problem is here? And if any left wing nut is gonna say otherwise, then please jsut leave this country!

  11. I think that this particular instance is an overpunishment, but it is also an eye opener to how OVER lenient we are to our MAJOR criminals if they are willing to kill someone over something as insignificant as this, why is it so unheard of to have stricter punishment for our violent offenders, gang members, and sexual preditors, In my opinion if you take away someones right to live thier life or live there life normally(in the case of abuse in any way) you lose your own personal righs to have good food and luxuries such as work out equiptment and tvs, you should lose your right for privacy and people should know what you have done even if you have been rehabilitated into society if you are capable of doing it in the first place you can and probably will repeat the offence and your neighborhood should be aware of this fact,

  12. now on the subject of immagrants in this country, yes most work hard and contributed but canada is losing in our rights to celebrate our traditions because they choose to come here, if we were to go there do you think they would cater to our religion and remove their beliefs and celebrations from their schools NO. There needs to be a stricter rule set in place for immagrants that states they are free to celebrate their religions but not effect ours if they come here, they also should not be catered to either, if you cant understand someone they should not be working in a customer service department in a store until they learn better english/french, there should also be a stricter policy for people to move here such as if they do they have to be in canada ALOT of years before gaining citizenship for it is far to easy to come by and the people whos families have been here for hundreds of years are struggling to pay thier bills while the immigrants are being catored to and this is not fair, I believe in equal rights in all ways but how is our society equal when our original canadian traditions are being pushed aside because the immigrants dont believe in it,

  13. when I was in school we had christmas plays, which all were allowed to participate in and those who had different beliefs didnt complain they just celebrated their beliefs and no one had a problem now its ok for a CHILD to weild a weapon at school if its to do with thier religion… but if a white child brought a knife to school they would be expelled things need to be changed in our society and the more people talk about it the more awareness is spread!! Good to see there is some valid points out there.