Canadian soccer team mentioned in WikiLeaks cable -

Canadian soccer team mentioned in WikiLeaks cable

Bulgarian referee was suspected of fixing match between Canada and Macedonia


Canada’s men’s soccer team is featured in WikiLeaks thanks to a Bulgarian referee, Anton Genov, who was suspected of fixing a December 2009 match between Canada and Macedonia. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) suspended Genov shortly after the match in question to investigate his refereeing. He was cleared last February. Canada’s head coach, Stephen Hart, said he had noticed nothing irregular about Genov’s refereeing. “I’d never been in a game with four penalties, but (Genov) called a very, very tight game right from the start,” Hart says. “Any little contact was blown. Other than that, I was surprised because nothing seemed odd to me.” The leaked cable, written by a U.S. Official, lambasted Bulgarian soccer, giving it a “a red card for corruption.”

Toronto Star

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Canadian soccer team mentioned in WikiLeaks cable

  1. Canada lost 3-nil. Wouldn't that have been the expected outcome?

    Either the Canadian coach is in on the fix (with the comments he was quoted as making) or something does not add up, here.

    • Where's Joylon/Jarrid/Bergkamp?

      Would Bulgaria normally be expected to win by 12-nil or something against us, and does for-and-against matter at all? The danger of wikileaks is of course that we take as a given that the people quoted in these cables know what they're talking about. And maybe they just don't sometimes.

      • See the Star report: the referee awarded two penalty kicks to both teams. And Canada missed both of ours. So we were pretty awful at covering the spread.

        So I guess we need soccer "experts" to review the tape of a Macedonia-Canada snorefest from 2009 to see if the Bulgarian ref was deliberately one-sided. The one observer quoted (Canada's coach) says no.

        PS: it was a Canada-Macedonia friendly. The referee was Bulgarian.

        • Don't tell my hubby how very badly I screwed up the entire soccer conversation, please? As a pal?

          • Start getting your Lib leader to care about our huge public debt unfairly burdening our future, and you have yourself a deal.

          • I don't know how you're managing, but I can't get ANYBODY to listen to me, about anything, 'tis true, but especially about stuff like that. But I'll promise to keep plugging away.

          • You go, girl!


  2. I was one of two Canadian's at the Macedonia-Canada game in Strumica. At the time, I couldn't believe four penalties were called, but never did it cross my mind that the game could have been fixed. I was more focused on the fact that Canada missed two penalties. The pitch was in really bad condition, and the stadium was 'okay'. I believe the game was supposed to be played in Skopje, but was switched.

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