Canadian terror suspect to face extradition

Accused of aiding group carry out attack in Iraq


An Edmonton man suspected of supporting terrorist groups responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq is fighting extradition to the United States. The RCMP arrested Sayfildin Tahir Sharif on Wednesday following a request made by the FBI, and appeared in court Thursday to face extradition. If extradited, Sharif will face “some of the most serious charges an individual can face,” his lawyer, Bob Aloneissi, said. The charges include supporting a terror group and conspiring to kill Americans abroad, and the RCMP are also looking into whether there was any criminal activity committed in Canada. Sharif is accused of aiding a multinational terror group that was responsible for carrying out a 2009 suicide bombing in Mosul, killing five U.S. troops. If convicted, he will most likely be sentenced to life in prison.

CTV News Edmonton

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Canadian terror suspect to face extradition

  1. He should be executed.

    • What about having a fair trial first?

  2. I wonder how long ( months, years) It will take before they turn him over to the U.S. Authorities….

    • and then release him for "time already served"… AND hand him a few million dollars to keep doing whatever he was doing.

  3. You should read the USA-Canada EXTRADITION Treaty before making such a stupid remark.
    Oh I forgot due process and the rule of law only apply to you.

    • I always wondered why it's '' Due Process?'' …shouldn't it be ""Process Due ?'' … A person goes through the process and gets what he is due….make sense ??

      • the operative words here are "make sense". in the current legal/political environment, this is an oxymoron.

  4. Bottom line: the FBI have evidence. Lorne go live in Tunsia.

  5. He should be turn to US immediatelly.

    • derpa hurp

  6. I’m sure a lot of lawyers will get very wealthy dealing with this issue.

  7. Isn't it great that we've imported the problems of the Middle East and Asia, courtesy of Mass Immigration? I guess we need to have even more immigration so we can have even more terror-related problems.

    • Not to worry Frank, there should be another boat load headed to the B.C. coast anytime soon…….

  8. Another indication that because of Mass Immigration, we have imported the problems of the Middle East and Asia. I suppose we need even more immigration in order to have even more problems! Does al-Qaeda not have enough supporters and sympathizers on the ground in Canada? The future of Canada DOES NOT depend on immigration, there isn't any problem we can't fix with the people we have. The future of Radical Islam in Canada depends on immigration.

    • then am sad to say their future is secure! :-(

    • lmao oh frank you make me laugh a lot. derpa herpa durp

  9. Why are we sending him to America at all? He's a Canadian terrorist, he lives in Canada, terrorism is a crime in Canada. We should try him here. Extradition is for crimes committed in other countries.

    • He's a suspected terrorist, and as far as we know he's held on secret info we don't even know exists, so how are we to judge him. Just like that Harkat guy in the news right now. The way I see it, they just want to shut him up and get him out of here. Innocent or not. It's just a small part of the racist policy to drive muslims out of this and most other Western countries as far as I'm concerned. Oppressive social engineering. The Jews went through the same thing under Hitler. A slow and calculated campaign to demonize them and drive them out of the country. There's too many similarities not to recognize it.

      This is my opinion and I have my right to express it. I just think it's something people should think about. I hope I'm wrong.

      • Well, let's hope he's not being held on secret intel "like that Harkat." It's illegal to do that to citizens. We'd have to release him.

        • It's not illegal unless they get caught……

          • Well, basically the justice system requires that they put up or shut up. If they tell the judge he just has to be guilty and we can't tell anyone why we know it, well, then he's going to be released. I assume that won't happen.

          • Lets keep our fingers crossed shall we ???

      • Oh, don't worry…your very wrong!

  10. D.Vogt…You may have a good point, It will probably be a lot cheaper for the Taxpayers in the long run anyway…After all, we would have to pay Lawyers fees, travel expenses,accomodations etc,etc, Only to have a kissy butt, sweetheart deal cut ( if he's found guilty )that will see him come back to Canada and spend as little time in Prison as possible…Lets not forget after the bleeding heart Terrorist lovers have their media blitz on how he was a victim of something or other, the Govt. will cough up a few million dollars….could save the Taxpayer a bundle…..Just my humble opinion……

  11. i love it how people comment trying to pretend they know what the hell they are talking about
    once again… HERPA DURPA HERP

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