Canadian tourist caught in gang crossfire in Mexico -

Canadian tourist caught in gang crossfire in Mexico

Separately, Ontario woman claims rape by Mexican police


A 69-year-old Penticton, B.C. man was caught in crossfire in the tourist-town of Mazatlan, Mexico on Tuesday. He’s recovering in hospital after a metal plate was put in his shattered leg. This came just a day after a 41-year-old Canadian woman alleged she was raped by police officers who arrested her on New Year’s Eve in Playa Del Carmen, a beach-town near Cancun. Canada’s Foreign Affairs Ministry warns that the northern border region of Mexico should be avoided, and reminds Canadians that “high levels of criminal activity… remain a concern throughout the country.” Mazatlan, on the west coast, and Playa Del Carmen, in the southern state Quintana Roo are both far away from the most deadly regions, but these recent incidents are causing Canadians to question whether to visit the country at all. One travel agent in Vancouver told CBC News that she warns clients to avoid western Mexico, including Mazatlan. Travel booker iTravel2000 says the tourist destinations are safe. Mexico’s drug war intensified last year: 15,273 died in gang-related violence in the country in 2010, up from 6,500 the year before. Over a million Canadians visited Mexico last year.

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Canadian tourist caught in gang crossfire in Mexico

  1. I get so tired of the medias reports on isolated incidents in Mexico. How often are shootings in Toronto, Vancouver, or any other large city in Canada for that matter, reported nationally? Granted, they did report the multiple shootings in Tucson, AZ a couple of weeks ago, likely because an American congresswoman was shot.

    My point is: A person doesn't have to travel all the way to Mexico to get shot. Also, the story about the Ontario couple's run-in with the Mexican police just doesn't ring true. There are always two sides to any story, and I would like to hear the other side on this one.

    • A person is more likely to be murdered in Mexico than in Canada, by a significant amount. At least based on a per Capita basis. Anyways it's not like these stories are anomalies. As for why the Canadian media would be reporting on these is simply because these events are significant to Canadians, and more specifically those who are traveling to Mexico.

  2. The tourism boards slogan should be "Robbery, kidnapping, rape, murder, come to Mexico! It's like Disney Land only more serious."

  3. canadians go to mexico because its cheap i wont be going there no way