Canadian tourists killed in Manila hostage-taking -

Canadian tourists killed in Manila hostage-taking

UPDATED: A Canadian and his two daughters are reported dead


The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs is trying to confirm whether one or more of the eight tourists killed in a hostage-taking in Manila were Canadians. Roland Mendoza, a former police officer in the Philippine capital, stormed a tour bus on Monday in an attempt to get his job back. Eight people were killed in the ensuing fight. Media reports say five of the hostages held Canadian passports, and three of the deceased may be Canadian. The Manila police has faced international criticism for what is widely understood to have been a botched rescue attempt. It took over ten hours for the hostages to be rescued, by which time Mendoza had killed eight passengers.

UPDATE: CTV News is reporting that Canadian citizen Ken Leung, 58, and his two daughters, Jessie Leung, 14, and Doris Leung, 21, were killed in the hijacking.

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Canadian tourists killed in Manila hostage-taking

  1. i thought they were from hongkong?

    • Tanga! Basahin mo ulit un article!

    • They were Canadians who also held Hk residency.

    • My felow human, i admit that filipino pulis dnt have enough reSourcez to train much perfectly or that philippines is 3rd world country, but you know? They are still one of the nices people i have ever met.

      So lay off… We all make mistakez and for sure it aint only the philippines who faces this kinds of tragic in life.

      As to the one who commented that canadian tax dollAr or that somebody expect him to help with his or her money; you know what? Who ever you are, you are one of the most arrogant i have ever met…. Keep your money…..

      And to those who criticize filipinos, there so many filipinos all over the worl who works for thier hard eran money, either for being a maids or what ever they work for their money they contribute into paying tax.

  2. There were some Canadians on board. Not all of them were though. But I do know that the 18 year old boy who's in the ICU right now goes to school in Mississauga, ON

  3. "Isolated case" means "there is no pattern", and "there is no terrorist organization that planned it".

    But that DOES NOT mean it won't happen again.

    Isolated or not, the incompetency of Filipino police officials is as plain as daylight.

    Isolated or not, people have the right to be angry, sad, demand compensation, and demand corrective actions.

    So, whether it is isolated or not, is irrelevant to anything that matters.

    It is obvious the Filipino police officials CAUSED the deaths. Chinese and Hong Kong Government need to demand financial compensation for the victims.

    That won't bring back the deceased, but will motivate the Filipino Government to take corrective actions to avoid a repeat of the tragedy.

    Whoever ordered the ill-equipped and ill-trained cops to storm the bus, should lose all his powers, and be banned from all Government jobs for life.

    All victims should launch legal cases at International Courts against the Filipino police and Government for mis-handling the crisis.

    • Tragedy high-lighted the incompetency & failure of Philippine police force & govt in coordinating a successful rescue.It was sheer hard luck that carnage occurred.Nobody wanted that kind of outcome not even the madman.He just wanted reinstatement & be cleared of charges.It was obvious he was not in right mind to have taken hostages.PNP should have calmed him & coaxed him into giving up the hijack.When they used force he resorted to violence in the end.Situation was tough & hopeless as we had seen.He held so many innocent people who had not caused his misery at ransom & just butchered some of them.That was the sad part.Life is sometimes not fair…………

  4. epic fail and waste of human life. the hostage taker only demanded for his job back. then promise his job and deliver some fake documents or promises — make arrest and nullify the promises/documents. couldve been THAT simple without any deaths. idiot. i bet idiot phillipino police pride was involved.

    • Yes it was pride of the killer that caused the serial shooting.If only he had accepted his dismissal graciously all the bloodbath would not have occured.Needless to say they died in vain through the hands of man who just snapped.Our human mind is very fragile.In times of difficulty & despair seek the Lord first, seek his counsel & guidance.Do not let your emotions control you but you control them.

  5. It is ridiculous that they call themselves Canadians when they obviously still consider themselves Chinese nationals, the husband worked and lived in China and so is paying taxes in China, and the wife and one of the sons lived in Canada, but only as the boy was still going to University there. I wish that people were not allowed to hold dual citizenships, if you make your allegiance to a country then you should only carry that citizenship and adopt that country as your home. Now I wonder if they will somehow have the Canadian Govt. pay for any medical bills or some kind of compensation for all this.

    • You may not have made the same comment if it were a white family with European citizenship. I trust you do not believe in multi-culturalism; perhaps you are less Canadian then the Leung family. BTW, the boy was born in Canada. In any case, just because the father had to work abroad to to support his family in Canada, he should not be considered any less Canadian than anyone who is fortunate enough to live and work where their families are.

    • You have no compassion. It's a loss of human life regardless of citizenship or race. Shame on you.

    • hongkong govt is supporting and paying everything for this family including all medical needs &recovery. dont worry, hk wont bill canada for these small expenses. u have a very narrow mind, maybe u r hiding yourself at home all the time and have no chance to see the world. there are many white guys living in hong kong, taking benefits from hk as well. the world is globalized now. open ur eyes.

    • It is noted that Canada is not the only country to allow dual nationality , How about UK?
      Try to open your views! The government should have the reason to allow dual nationality!
      we should also notice that the overseas Canadian need to pay tax to Canadian government.

    • more than half the population in Canada are immigrants with more than one passport….. are yousaying we aren't considered Canadians?

      • In these racist people's eyes. If you're not caucasian then you're not consider Canadian and will never be Canadian. That's how colored people are judged. Yes i know, it's absolutely ignorant.

  6. I don't care what race, religion, colour, culture, they are.
    I don't believe in Dual citizenship.

    • another dumba*s with a pointy hat

  7. Ken Leung, 58, and his two daughters, Jessie Leung, 14, and Doris Leung, 21, were killed in the hijacking!!!!

    These people were killed!!! And some of you here are arguing about whether or not they should be allowed Dual citizenship??? This is ridiculous.

  8. MAYBE because they live in Canada??!!

  9. Marie and JSC you really are a morons! You don't believe in dual citizenship but that's maybe you don't currently have any opportunities to have dual citizenship. Somehow i think if you did have an opportunity to have dual citizenship for whatever reasons: career, a spouse etc. you would want to feel secure and proud of the countries that you lived in and it would uphold the rights of their citizens. Even when you get a permanent residency you are granted many rights as citizens. These people who were killed were Canadians!!! end of story. And I absolutely agree with one of the other posters that if these tourists were "white"….then things would be alot different. Why hasn't the Canadian govt done anything in this matter? I haven't seen anything in the media where the Canadian govt is making phone calls to the Philipino govt and demanding answers. It's all crap! Politics and race you may think it doesn't matter but wake up people it always matters…unfortunately.

    • The Lebanese situation is what made me so anti-dual citizenship.
      People that take advantage of our system and our tax dollars.

  10. i am a canadian citizen living in the philippines.this country is a killing field.three canadians were murdered by a corrupt police force not a mad gunman.i have been pleading with my member of parliment for safety to no avail.the government butchered ,raped, and used a backhoe to bury the bodies on nov 23,2009 57 humans;32 were journalists.the philippines is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.the international court of justice could begin to prosecute crimes against humanity back to the collaberation with the japanese.the infamous marcos family is back in power.the utter complacency of the average canadian disgusts your mp.write a…..go to tims and talk hockey.ihave adopted11 philippine children.harry doyle fredericton n.b.this message could get me killed but i tried.doyle

    • then why are u still in the Philippines?not all filipinos are bad and we can't say that the Philippines holds the title as the deadliest country in the world. we can't generalize a nation by determining the worst situations that they encountered. so what do u think of north koreans?japanese?iraqis, lebanese and even americans? are they all bad?dont worry u wont be killed, were not as narrow minded as you expected.

      • August 2012 – he was shot and killed in the Philippines

  11. Close to 7 billion people in the world.
    For most of them, Life is bad, or not as good as the average Canadian.
    30 million Canadians CANNOT save them all.
    And I'm sick of all the bleeding hearts that think we can with our tax dollars.

    • 7 billion people eh??? Ok. And the 3 poor bastards on that bus in Manilla who got slaughtered….who were they again? oooh oooh…wait for it, wait for it….they were………CANADIANNNNNN!!! ………………..moron :)

  12. Unbelievable responce on this forum… My gudnez… Bunch of these comments are nonsence seriuosly… Some of you talk about whether canadas tax payer will pay for expences? Oh my crop….!!!!!!! Ok.. Let me tell you somethin… 1st those family have money,… 2nd. Hk has money and so to make you happy i am pretty sure they wont bill you for the medical expencez. And 3rd everytime someone migrate to this. Country they work more thAn an everage canadian who sits at home and do nothin while waiti. For some welfare cheques.. And so thesMe for the philippi e community in canada, they are one of the most hard working people in this country, who do either blue or white class of job.. Shame on you people who talks about money on this time of tragedy,,,

    and for you who said that philippines si a killing field, you maybe right or maybe wrong, and onething for sure is you are in the wrong place of the philippines, coz it is actually devided so try not to generalize coz in some part it is actually much safer than in some areas of the world.

  13. As far as the law of our "O CANADA, our home and native land" allows for dual citizenship, a Canadian is a Canadian, no matter where this Canadian national lives or works or sadly so dies. Please stop all the nonsense of "Canadian passport of convenience". Please do not forget, no Canadian is a native of this land (CANADA) except the "native Indians". Our lovely country CANADA embraces races and cultures from all over. Please be open minded that a Canadian can be more than a Canadian of Caucasian origin, the UK, Norway, Germany, Holland, Italy, etc. Furthermore, a Canadian can be a black originally from the Caribbeans, Central Africa, etc. Please never put the ethnicity beside the honour and privilege of being a proud Canadian. Therefore, it is totally IRRELEVANT, by referring a Canadian as :Chinese" or " a Canadian Passport of Convenience". My fellow Canadian, if you refer such an honour and privilege as a Canadian with these types of connotations, you are indeed shamed to be a Canadian, or my fellow Canadian for that sake!!!

    Will you challenge your parents or great grandparents why on earth they could have come to Canada to obtain "a Canadian Passport of Convenience for YOURSELF (Alb), assuming you are a Canadian national". If you have such a nasty comment about Canadian, you also falls into the same category, i.e., having a Canadian Passport of Convenience"?? By the same token, if you are not a Canadian, you just do not qualify to pass on nasty comments as you have posted three days ago.

    In summary, stop this nonsense. A Canadian is a Canadian, no matter by birth or by naturalization, as far as the law of my "home and native land" allows. Under the Canadian Constitution, it's never mentioned that Canadians must live, work, and/or die in Canada. When the World is drawing closer and closer everyday, citizens of any land are free to move, in order to make this planet a lively and wonderful place to be in!!!

    From your fellow Canadian to help you understand what it means to be a true and loving Canadian……

  14. this is old news. let's all move on folks . if it's your time, it's your time. let's focus on living everday the best!

  15. Marie,
    I urge you to see a few doctors. You body might be in good health, but your soul is evil as hell. I couldn't believed you would say something like that at this tragic time. Seriously, you are sick.

  16. id like to rip ure head off

  17. did you google search the keywords,"Canadian" and "killed", and discovered that the victims were Chinese Canadians and felt uncomfortable? If that's the case, that totally qualifies you as a moron AND a racist, you moron.

  18. Marie/JSC: Have you ever paused and realized that the innocent lives were taken, families broken by this tragedy, and here you are debating the issue of dual citizenship?

    They were of Chinese ethnicity, yes, but the tour group consisted of both Hk locals and those abroad. It was the last day of their 4-day Manila tour, and the bus was filled with families, the tour guide who accompanied them from Hk, the local Filipino tour guide, and the bus driver. The Filipino tour guide tried to prevent the gunman from getting on the bus until he flashed his gun and she stood aside. The Hk tour guide (a lanky fellow in his 30s) was somehow moved to the back of the bus and secretly made a phone call for help but was caught and handcuffed to the front. Most of the elderly and children were evacuated, but for the rest, THE ORDEAL LASTED FROM MORNING TILL NIGHT.

    Initially, the gunman still communicated with the police, but as night came, the police decided to use the gunman's brother to negotiate for them. And then arrest the brother on live television, which the gunman could view on the bus. Agitated that this will not get anywhere, he began to execute the the hostages ONE BY ONE, starting with the Hk tour guide. The father of this Chinese-Canadian family, as well as two others, tried to stop him from executing others but were shot down immediately. The gunman continued to kill his hostages until he was finally shot down himself.

    This was what the victims had to endure. And here you are, complaining about dual citizenship. Have some compassion for the lives lost, and save the debate for another occasion.

  19. Harry Doyle, the man who stated that the Phillipines were killing fields, was just shot to death there.

    • Harry’s shooting had nothing to do his perception, at the time, that the Philippines “is a killing field”. By the way, he later laughed about that post. Police investigations are pointing to another explanation. I have never felt threatened or in danger, whether in Surigao City, where Harry lived, or any other part of the Philippines