Canadian troops wrap up final combat mission in Kandahar -

Canadian troops wrap up final combat mission in Kandahar

Soldiers complete two-week operation in volatile region led by Afghan forces


Canadian forces operating in Afghanistan’s volatile Kandahar province have completed their final combat operation in the region. Planned and executed by the Afghan National Army, the Canadians played a supporting role in the two-week long mission, where they advanced through the countryside, searching homes and meeting with elders. Even though Canada’s final combat operation is complete, members of the Royal 22nd Regiment will still be conducting routine patrols in the area, exposing themselves to improvised explosive devices and sporadic attacks by the Taliban. All of Canada’s combat troops are schedule to withdraw from Kandahar this summer, where Canadians have been based for over five years. Canadian forces are set to take on a non-combat role in Afghanistan, helping to train the Afghan army in Kabull. NATO troops are slated to withdraw completely by 2014.

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Canadian troops wrap up final combat mission in Kandahar

  1. Some of us have believed from from the start that Afghanistan was not worth a drop of Canadian blood or a dollar of its treasure. It is sad to be proven right.People were so busy slapping “Support the Troops” stickers on their cars they didn’t take time to think deeply about the futility of this “mission”. All along we should have known that if we really wanted to support the troops we would bring them home. Thankfully that is now going to happen.If the Afghans want change then they will have to fight for it from within. That is the only way that a secure “democracy” can be achieved there. Good luck to them.