Canadian, U.S. economies add jobs

U.S. data shows underreported job gains over last two months


In a bit of long-awaited good news on the economic front, both the U.S. and Canadian economies recorded positive job gains in September. Canada added 61,000 new jobs, all of which were either in the public sector or in self-employment. (By itself, the return of teachers to the classroom contributed 40,000 jobs.) Meanwhile, after months of lacklustre job figures, the U.S. economy saw payrolls add 103,000 new jobs. The Labour Department report also said the doom and gloom of past months may have been slightly premature—the U.S. created 100,000 more jobs over the past two months than had been previously reported. As a result of September’s job gains, Canada’s unemployment rate now stands at 7.1 per cent.

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Canadian, U.S. economies add jobs

  1. Well unfortunately, in BC the jobs are for the Chinese and Americans.  The Chinese are taking a crash course in Canadians mining, and they are learning to speak English. 

    American company’s get the contracts in Canada, they bring their own workers.  Such as the tear down of the smelters in Port Kitimat in BC.  The few Canadians who did get jobs, were treated absolutely terrible by the Americans.  As badly as they needed jobs they quit.  They weren’t even given safety gear, by the Americans. They are having to breathe the dust, from Aluminum and other metals.

    So, they can stop with the crap about jobs for Canadians. Because they are not.  China and the U.S. own this country.  We have been sold out by Harper, long ago.

  2. Of the 103K jobs created in the US, 45K were Verizon workers that went back to work after striking. Unemployment here is still at north of 9%. When you factor in the people that have given up and also those that are underemployed the true figure is in the 16-17% range.

  3. Union workers have been ‘teaching’ kids to be economic and political illiterates for over forty years now, and these people vote – it is amazing that anyone has a job or wealth. But the times are a changin’ – Obama’s idiots occupy Wall street, both sides, and they’re all clueless about how wealth is created and destroyed – and in a sign of how unbelievably stupid these people are – they side with the wealth destroyers like Obama.  

  4. Unreported job gains, hmmm sounds like organized Crime is hiring again.  Where is Stock when you really need him.

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