Canadian uses iPad image of passport to enter U.S.

Montreal who forgot his passport says he showed a scanned picture of it to enter the U.S. and return


A Canadian man says he entered the U.S. by showing only a scanned image of his passport on the screen of an iPad, The Star reports. Martin Reisch, who is from Montreal, says he was about a half-hour away from the Vermont border when he realized he had forgotten his passport at home. On his way home, Reisch says he was also able to cross the border back into Canada, again using the image on his iPad. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not comment specifically on the case, but says it accepts documentation such as passports, enhanced driver licences or Nexus passes from Canadian citizens entering the U.S. at land entry points.

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Canadian uses iPad image of passport to enter U.S.

  1. this story is total scam started
    by a reporter yesterday, the only
    named author i can find is andy blatchford of the canadian press for
    this nonsense which has spread around the world now. Reish
    didn’t contact the media ever that we know, didn’t think nor claim he believed it was the
    which got him through – he said it was his drivers license and iPad he
    had with him and never claimed that the officer accepted the iPad, some
    journalist invented that part, and now
    on its second day, youtube has videos showing him getting through the
    border by waving an iPad, Globe and Mail is running headlines saying
    ‘Man gets through border with wave on an iPad’, and Martin Reich is
    getting crucfied as a media hound.In 500 stories on google I
    can’t find a single reference to Reisht contacting the media nor a
    single quote where he says he thinks it is the iPad which got him
    through (it was his drivers license). The whole iPad angle is contrived,
    and not necessarily by Riesh. This site now says ‘the border officer
    scanned the iPad’ which he didn’t and was never reported…The thing
    just keeps getting more twisted LOL.This is the single biggest
    scam in reporting I’ve seen in a while, and I hope some people start
    asking questions. The story is, a guy forgot his passport but had his
    drivers license, which the border officer accepted. That’s it. I really
    hope they crucify the original reporter or at least clear up who the
    heck started the story. For all we know a reported picked it up off of a
    casual blog or something, and why would Reish – who DID NOT THINK THE
    IPAD was what GOT HIM THROUGH, call the media about what he thought was a
    non-story.Read more: http://techland.time.com/2012/01/04/no-passport-no-problem-man-uses-ipad-to-cross-border-into-u-s/#ixzz1iYehP6SK

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