Canadian Wheat Board sues Ottawa

Lawsuit attempts to halt Tories’ efforts to dismantle board


The Canadian Wheat Board is launching a lawsuit against the federal government, arguing Ottawa broke the law by neglecting to hold a plebiscite of affected farmers before tabling the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, the Toronto Star reports. In a plebiscite conducted by the board last summer, 62 per cent of 40,000 participants said they would prefer to keep the existing system. Farmers from BC to eastern Manitoba currently have to sell their wheat through the board, but the new bill would make it voluntary, so producers could market straight to processors.

Toronto Star

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Canadian Wheat Board sues Ottawa

  1. Should be a pretty short case. Their own website contains a judge’s decision that specifically says that while the government can’t change the regulation around the Wheat Board, it’s perfectly free to change the legislation.

  2. This has been a prairie controversy for a very long time. I still wonder if smaller more remote producers will get the same bushel price as large producers near ports and rail lines.
    Sure they will! The conservatives stand for equality and fair play in business… don’t they?

    • That has been a moot point since the Crow subsidy was cancelled in the 90’s.

      Now all the wheat board does is ensure that locally owned and cooperative value added industries don’t get off the ground.  It stifles people’s switch to organic wheat and malt barley as well, since it can’t properly market organic wheat and malt barley but still demands a cut.

      Everything that progressives want in their food (local, organic, diversification) is being impeded by the existence of the wheat board, but still they fight for it.  I guess the few hundred CUPE jobs in Winnipeg are more important.

      • Well then, if the lawsuit is as frivolous as you obviously think, then the courts will dismiss it. If however, the courts find the government acted wrongly (in contravention of S 47.1 of the Wheat Board Act, I believe is what the Wheat Board is asserting), then you can go blame the Conservative government for not following proper process, which is what they have tended to do a lot of.

        • If the Wheat Board is as popular as they & you think they are, they should have no concern about being a “voluntary” marketing option like the board is in Ontario, rather than the mandatory status they now enjoy on the Prairies.

  3. I guess some Wheat Board members are scared that they may actually have to go back to the farm to make a living.

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