The women's hockey party scandal -

The women’s hockey party scandal

Do they have anything to apologize for?


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The women’s hockey party scandal

  1. Not a bit. If men had done this there would not be a single peep.

  2. was it that slow of a news day , come on, get real, it was like 40 mins after the medal ceramony, the place should have been empty, but noooooooo , must have been a few vulture reporters( looking for dirt on someone one ) hanging around. These reporters need to "GET A LIFE "

  3. It's unbelieveable that the IOC would make a fuss about this. Nobody said a word when Jon Montgomery was parading down the street drinking from a full pitcher of beer that someone handed him. Our women have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

  4. Apologize…B.S. The world came to our country, enjoyed our hospitality and "Our Culture" and if celebrating is not acceptable to those who have never tasted victory in the first place, then perhaps they should follow our example rather than condem. Way to go ladies, we are proud of you!!! Have another!!!