Canadians are among the world's fattest -

Canadians are among the world’s fattest

One in four Canadians are obese, new survey shows


Today, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a study which found that Canadians are among the heaviest in the western world. In a survey of 33 members of OECD, only Americans, Mexicans, Brits, Australians and New Zealanders were fatter than Canadians. The study found that sixty per cent of Canadian adults are overweight and one in four are obese. Canadian men are heaver than women, 66 per cent of men are overweight compared to 54 per cent of women. The OECD average is 50 per cent of the population is overweight. Japan has the thinnest population, only 24 per cent are overweight and three per cent are obese. One piece of good news is that Canadians aren’t expected to get much fatter. The proportion of overweight people is expected to increase by five per cent, a relatively minor increase compared to Americans. “Canada is doing well in terms of the rate of increase of obesity,” said report author Franco Sassi, the OECD’s senior health economist, reported the Vancouver Sun. “But it is clearly one of the countries where obesity is the highest, so there is a lot of work to do to bring the rates down.”

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Canadians are among the world’s fattest

  1. It's definitely bad to be obese and if 25%are obese, that's truly pathetic.
    However to say 66% men and 59% women of Canada are overweight is not as bad as it sounds because since they use the BMI scale, you are overweight if your BMI is 25 or greater. For those with a BMI of a hair over 25, those of the following heights would be considered overweight and looking at the numbers, it is not so bad
    5ft 2in – 137 lbs; 5ft 4 in – 146 lbs; 5ft 7in – 160 lbs; 5ft 10 in – 175 lbs
    6ft 2 in – 195 lbs. So including these people plus those 5 lbs heavier is falsely giving a wrong impression. However if you are obese( BMI greater than 30), that's the number to focus on when discussing this problem. When 25% of your country is obese, be worried, be very worried.
    Especially you Americans, if your obesity levels continue to climb, who will you have for your armed forces? You can never raise an armed force like you did in WWII.

    • Let's see.

      1940, population of 140 million, depression-era malnourishment in 20 per cent of the population, 11 million men under arms.

      2010, population 320 million, nourished to the point of giantism…?

    • In football, Samoans are doing excellently due to their sizes. We can make new rules of engagement, no weaponry – hand to hand combat only, then we can just sit on our enemy.

      • But Ariadne, the Obese solder will have to catch the enemy first.
        But, then again, if the enemy flees from the prospect of being crushed, that's a victory of sorts.
        The side that controls the battlefield is the victor.

  2. Good. It's nice to know that — at least in my own country — I'm not alone.

    • Picture Canada: Bears, Beavers, Sea Lions, Seals, Whales, and the Canadian People. This is our National Identity people. Be proud and live with it.

  3. Recommendations for the overweight Canadian & American.

    Start smoking. Tobacco use dulls the appetite and you will lose weight.

    Drink distilled spirits, not beer. Distilled alchohol dulls the appetite and you'll shed pounds. Look at the men who line up at the liquor store at 0800 and wait for it to open at 1000. Thin as rails.

    Drop out of primary school and embark on a career in manual labor. The exercise will do you good. How many of us have seen a ditch-digger who was over-weight? Certainly I have not.

    Eat only British cuisine. You are sure to lose your appetite.

    • Or… Reduce your sugar intake.

    • Tapeworms work for me!

      • Bummer… (couldn't resist )

    • Just drink plenty of water before eating anything.

      • We used to have a big glass of water before supper and a bigger glass of milk with supper. Apparently it helped stretch my Moms food budget and trim our belt sizes also, there was always more than enough to eat and none of us were overweight….

        • No wonder my mom and dad used to watch us when eating. " Hey kids, don't forget to sip your water in between shoveful". I wonder how much savings for their pension they made out of that, but it did work.

  4. They must have conducted those study during winter times. We do need those blubbers to survive the cold.

  5. Self discipline can work wonders. It is a constant battle but extremely worth it. I recall a cartoon where a Dr is explaining to his patient that he should be exercising and taking better care of himself to which the patient answered he did not have the time. The Dr. wisely retorted, " do you prefer exercising one hour a day or being dead twenty four hours a day."