Canadians believe Senate appointments are “hypocritical” -

Canadians believe Senate appointments are “hypocritical”

Poll finds overwhelming majority of Canadians would favour Senate reform


Two out of three Canadians think the federal government’s move to stack the Senate with Conservatives is hypocritical given the party’s long-standing bid to reform the Upper Chamber. According to the Angus Reid poll, 67 per cent of Canadians would be in favour of direct elections for senators and 65 per cent want to see an eight-year limit on the terms of appointed senators. Still, despite Canadians’ apparent belief the Senate is in need of changes, only 29 per cent think Parliament could function without it. In all, the Harper government has appointed 33 new senators since coming to power in 2006.

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Canadians believe Senate appointments are “hypocritical”

  1. This poll should make Stevie boy feel all warm and fuzzy : I know I know the harper haters will only focus on the superficial statemtn BUT think about it – if you were harper right now this poll would and will be very useful .. because folks push is coming to shove and who knows maybe Stevie's dream of many years just might come true. I remember sometime back I was at a rally for my dear leader and was hanging around as I like to do after all the speechifying and Harper was talking with this woman and she asked him what he would like to leave behind him when he is finished – his answer – (1) make sure the men and women in the armed forces come home (2) the fiscal house of the country in solid shape (3) the CPC party in good shape – the way things are going he is going to get his wish – despite the current harper hater foo for aw

    • Well, when Harper decides to actually do the constitutionally correct thing to reform the Senate by re-opening the Constitution, rather then his end-around that most law experts think the Supreme Court will find invalid, I'll be ready to take him seriously.

  2. There's nothing hypocritical about appointing Senators as per the current system. What would be hypocritical is if he gets into a position from which Senate reform is viable, but then opts not to so that he can maintain long-term control for his party.

    We'll just have to wait and see.

    • Well.. I'd agree that the appointments he's done since 2008 haven't been hypocritical, he said he'd do so during the 08 campaign "if he had to".

      However, appointing Michael Fortier certainly was hypocritical.

  3. So WHEN are Canadians going to demand an election?

    • How does one do that without a Castro type revolution?

  4. Past a certain point, I think people need to get over a politician having to do things differently than they said they would. SH has been clear: he wants Senate Reform. How he plans to achieve it have been pretty clear to the general public for quite some time now.

    In the meantime, people seem divided on his exact plans and provinces have failed to embrace his request that they provide him with lists of candidates who have in some way received democratic blessings. Leaving 33 seats vacant is disrespectful to the constitution and unfair to the provinces who would have been unrepresented at all.

    Regardless of party stripe or how one believes the place should be reformed, sooner or later those seats need ot be filled. Judge him on how he fills him since that is the only direct accountability available for the moment, but give the guy a break and admit they need to be filled from a point of constitutional respect.

    • It's not that he has to do things differently than he said he would, it's that he's ignoring the fact that he can't do things as he says he's going to. He knows the constitution exsits, he knows all about Meech Lake, he knows that a constitutional amendment is needed to reform the senate. Yet he continues to insist that he doesn't have to negotiate with the provinces and his supporters seem to get offended when it gets pointed out that he does.

      Harper cannot reform the senate without amending the constitution but insists that he can. This makes me wonder if he's lying, or if he simply doesn't understand how our system works. Either way, it's not good. I'd love senate reform, but there's no need to be dishonest about it. There's no need to deny the fact that you'd have to amend the constitution and it's foolishness that he does so.

      • I don't disagree with anything you say. I tried to stay away from the related question of whether or not I think he is following the right process or has the right objectives in mind for his reforms. For me that's another interesting but separate question. The point of my remarks was in response to the comments above being so hard line on the question of having to change his mind on appointing unelected senators. The fact is that he's fought two or three elections on his current reform proposal. Nobody is biting at the provincial level to produce the slates he's looking for. At the federal level, his term limit legislation has not succeeded either – again, there's lots of room for discussing his strategies, personal accountabilities etc…

  5. people tune out when they talk about senate reform ..everybody knows the current system is a joke but nobody knows how to fix it canada it's almost impossible to change the constitution as it unleashes all kinds of grievances

  6. That is a completely rational, non-snarky response. Who are you and what have you done with the real Thwim?

  7. The senate has been stacked with liberals for the last century I don't know how many times a bill to reform the senate has been turned down by the liberal appointed lifers. Now we will see if Harper has the balls to reform it now that votes have a chance of going in his favor.

    • How many times has the Senate stopped senate reform? 0 times.

      Like the House of Commons, the Senate cannot bypass the constitution for convenience. It doesn't matter how they vote, or who votes. The upper chamber cannot simply decide to bypass the constitution. Why is this so hard for Conservatives to accept? Stop whining about Liberals and learn our system.

      • it's amazing the Liberals put no effort into fixing an eye sore like the senate probably doesn't bother them that the people are unelected hacks at the trough..that is what the Liberals are all about