Canadians have little faith in economic recovery -

Canadians have little faith in economic recovery

New poll shows a sharp drop in consumer confidence


What a difference a year makes. A new survey by the Economic Club of Canada and Pollara shows a year-over-year drop of 16 per cent in the number of Canadians who think the economy will improve, and a 14 per cent increase in the number of those who feel it will get worse. Concerns about the U.S. economy, the cost of living, and the national deficit are chief among the factors that have shaken consumer confidence. Pollara’s chairman, Michael Marzolini, said “Canadians were feeling overly bullish on economic recovery this time last year,” but that economic conditions around the world could not meet these expectations.

The Globe and Mail

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Canadians have little faith in economic recovery

  1. Is Marzolini not the Liberal pollster of record. If so, I would not take too seriously anything he might say.
    Like Frank Graves at Ekos when their political affiliations are known it causes one to question their work.

    • So restore our confidence – give us your facts and figures – this is your moment in the sun.

    • It's what the Reform Cons love to do, discredit, smear, call somebody a Liberal as if it means they are dishonest or a criminal. Even if it happens to be the father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan (during 2008 election) who disagreed with the war and said Canadians were dying for nothing, The first thing the Harper War Machine did was brand the father a "Liberal" to the media.

      So hollinm, I know you and your garbage…you and Harper were probably good buddies during his days at the Northern Foundation rallies. How are the white sheets these day, I hear it is tough to get out of the house wearing those lovely brown shirts and armbands….ah well, you still have your glorious leader you can jerk off to…

      • Get stuffed buddy. Look who is calling who names. Hypocrit. You must be a Liberal.

    • So someone who keeps mum about their political leanings is somehow more trustworthy that someone who is open about it? I doubt very much is there are many truly apolitical people in any line of work; that doesn't (usually) make a person any less professional.

      As Liz says – "give us your facts and figures" – demonstrate objectively that this pollster consistently skews his polling to favour the Liberals.

      • look I made a comment. You can agree or disagree with it. However, I am in no way obligated to you or any of the other lefties on this board to justify what I said. It is an opinion. Some of you have a real problem with opinions that differ from your own. Well this is Canada. We all have a right to say what we want even if it doesn't jive with the Liberal view of things.

        • Ooh… just a tad touchy today!

          • I don't appreciate having motives attached to my comments. Look at the comments addressed to me by Wantmycountryback. The guy is a nut.

        • Also known as, "I can make up crap all I want, just so long as I call it an opinion, it doesn't have to have any connection with reality."

          • My crap is as good as the crap you guys dish out everyday. It is funny to watch a lot of you twist and squirm on this board everyday. Anything and I meaning anything no matter how trivial is subject to ridicule and derision. Like your party you are disconnected from what most Canadians believe and think,.
            Most of you primarily support the Libs but very seldom do you tout the policies of the party or the leader because there is nothing to tout. The party and its leader is an empty vessel. So what do you do you attack those that you don't agree with you hoping to discourage them from commenting. That ain't going to happen with me. As I say my crap is just as good as the crap you guys dish out. You can always choose to ignore it but no you have to go into the attack mode because that is all you guys know.

  2. There is nothing in this article that is critical of Harper. The economy is in the tank so there's deficit spending in most of the west and the Con's have nothing to do with stagnant income or the US economy.
    Right now any politician who tried to take on the parasite economy wouldn't last a minute. From the lowly welfare bum to the brain dead beaurocrat to the banksters and day traders our status is determined by how much $$$ we can make for doing sweet FA.

  3. The only growth has been in governments across the country >
    Municipal, Provincial & Federal raising fees and taxes over and above inflation ratews as if there are 3 x as many taxpayers , when there is ONLY 1 taxpayer who has not received any significan wage gains in 20 years !!! The government workers and politicians in every level have given themeselves gold plated "Defined Benefit" pension plans that the general population will never receive with CPP & OAS !!!

    Do you think people will not be extremely pissed when they find out they get a pittance to retire on and the government workers and politicos are living well after retiring while the rest of us are paying for it !!!They had better take care of this inequality !!!!

    There will be a tax revolt very soon !!!