Canadians maintain a not-so-rosy view of the economy -

Canadians maintain a not-so-rosy view of the economy

Consumer confidence hits a post-recession low


The latest survey data shows Canadians’ confidence in the economy remains fragile. TNS Canada’s consumer confidence index rose 1.5 points to 96.3 this month, but those surveyed said the current poor economic environment is colouring their look to the future. “Canadians keep cautiously testing the economic waters with one foot then the other. But they don’t seem ready to commit, not quite yet,” said Michael Antecol, vice-president of the research group. The group’s Present Situation Index, which looks at the economic and employment environment, was down 0.7 points to 91.4 in October. Though its Expectations Index, which measures consumers’ outlook for the next six months, rose two points to 104.3 in October, TNS said that it’s “an amount still not enough to offset September’s 3.5-point drop.” Optimism is also on the decline, according to the Nanos Economic Mood Index.

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Canadians maintain a not-so-rosy view of the economy

  1. Obama's socialist disaster south of the border is killing our biggest market, of course Canadians will be worried about the economy until the socialists can be effectively neutered.

    • Yep and the Republicans bare no responsibility for it. None. They had nothing to do with tax cuts while funding two wars, expanding prescription drug care and bailing out wall street and the auto companies.

  2. Says who? You, the media. Two weeks ago the story was but the opposite. I am begining to think that you are just a puppet on strings.

  3. I believe this more than the report of two weeks ago. The more intrusive government gets the less people have faith in the future as the cancer of government eats away at the economic fabric of our country.