Canadian males do relationships better

Why Canada’s government benefits are good for your love life


Take heart, Canucks: your country’s state-run cradle-to-grave benefits of universal healthcare, cheap university, and cheap(er) daycare not only makes you a happier, healthier and more progressive human being. It also helps you get dates with Americans. So says ex-pat Erica Kawalek of femmy blog Double X, who chides America’s laissez-faire government for breeding a generation of commitment-phobes. “I’m always baffled that women here don’t demand the same benefits on which we Canadian and European women rely,” Kawalek writes. “It would make dating and mating a lot easier, that’s for certain. […] The calculus of long-term commitment is just different when your country guarantees the basic necessities of an advanced civilization.” Added advantage of dating Canadians: bulletproof sense of moral superiority.

Double X

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Canadian males do relationships better

  1. yeah but american girls are easier right, so american men have it better ..and then on top of that men have less taxes so more money for the bar

  2. This came up in the Instapundit blog a few days ago and I think it's definitely off base. First ask yourself this: does it make sense that government taking on the role of providing the security of a stable family would make long term commitments more likely? Then read a Double X response to the post that was linked to:

    "Oh, and pay no attention to the actual statistics—that American men, on average, get married about four years earlier than the men of most European nations."

    Can I also say that a sense of moral superiority never did anyone any good, in dating or otherwise? It's the one thing that's really attractive about America to me, as a Canadian – I'd take a regular sense of superiority over the smug kind any day of the week.

  3. It's true. Ask my American wife.

  4. That’s great news, but how does it work for woman from Brazil, Eastern Europe or even Toronto and Montreal?

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